Nutrilife SR 71 1 Liter



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Nutrilife SR 71 1 liter

Nutrilife SR 71 1 liter assists in the regeneration of the soil and any growing media

Nutrilife SR 71 is a scientifically formulated product designed to be used at all stages of a plant’s life from propagation thru growth phase and right up until flowering. It provides a complete array of organic and inorganic compounds, coenzymes and additives often missing in growing media and other plant foods that helps help maximize the growth of plants. SR71 supplies all the things your plants need and don’t get with a regular nutrient. Nutrilife SR 71 also promotes the development of beneficial micro-organisms in the growing media.

Nutrilife SR 71 1 liter can be used at any stages of plant growth

Nutrilife SR 71 can be helpful in helping to improve soil less mixtures that have no biological activity present. SR 71 helps improve the soil thus helping the plant utilize existing minerals and elements by making them more readily available.

SR 71 helps stimulate growth of micro-organisms and provides phosphorus and potassium. SR 71 stimulate beneficial micro-organisms in the root zone that provide a whole array of compounds, which a plant wouldn’t be able to produce or absorb on its own.

SR 71 Works in conjunction with your normal fertilizing program.

  • Provides organic and inorganic matter and specific plant enzymes to foster vigorous root growth
  • Helps to increases flowering and fruiting, as well as aiding in root development.
  • Provides increased plant growth and vigor because the root system will be stronger.

SR 71 Product Usage / Application Rates:

Propagation & Transplant:

5 ml per liter

Stressed Plants:

3 ml per liter

General application for all plants-all growing methods:

1 ml per liter every watering.


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