Nutrilife Super Moist Wetting Agent Gallon


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Nutrilife Super Moist Wetting Agent Gallon

Nutrilife Super Moist Gallon may be used as a wetting agent in both field and hydroponic applications

Nutrilife Super Moist Gallon Specs:

  • Improves spray coverage in soil and on plants
  • Lengthens contact and control of sprays
  • Improves the lateral movement of moisture in soils and growing medias
  • Increases the speed of moisture penetration in soils and growing medias
  • Reduces surface tension in spray nozzles and irrigation systems helping to maintain cleaner lines and drippers

Nutrilife Super Moist Gallon Instructions:

Hydroponic Systems

  • Apply 15 to 25 ml of Super Moist to each 50 gallons of nutrient solution on a weekly basis or whenever solutions are replaced.

Foliar Sprays / Seedling Treatment

  • Dilute 1 part (1 gallon) of Super Moist with 50 to 100 parts (50 to 100 gallons) water to prepare a foliar spray
  • Apply over all surfaces of the plant (above and below the leaves)
  • Apply to crop 1 to 2 times per week for up to 4 weeks
  • Pretreat seedlings by dumping them in solution prior to planting


  • Sulphonated Canola Oil Solution – 99%
  • Non active ingredients – 1%

Super Moist Summary:

  • Super-concentrated: No wasted money shipping water.
  • Unique: No one else makes a product like this!
  • Safe to use on any edible plant such as strawberries, cucumbers, hemp, tomatoes, hops, grapes.
  • Kills spider mites (SM), thrips, white flies, aphids.
  • Kills powdery milder (3 types of PM) , and bud rot (botrytris)
  • Improves potassium and other nutrient uptake in the plant roots when added to reservoir.

Made in the United States of America. 


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