CX Horticulture Regenaroot 10 Liter



CX Horticulture Regenaroot 10 Liter

Regenaroot 10 Liter is the only hormone free rooting additive on the market that can be used in a cloning system until flush to give you aggressive root growth AND top growth, boost your plants immune system, repair damaged roots and keep your root zone healthy and taking in nutrients effectively throughout your plants life cycle.

Regenaroot 10 Liter is the most cost-effective, unique rooting product available today.

  • The only product to stimulate monster root growth throughout veg and all of bloom without sacrificing top growth or flower production
  • Provides aggressive root growth AND top growth in veg which means you’ll grow a larger plant with Regenaroot than a hormone based product which results in larger yields
  • Hormone based rooting additives sacrifice top growth (which is why you can only use them until week 2 or so of flower)
  • Hormone based rooting additives cost WAY MORE than Regenaroot. Why pay more for inferior results and sacrificed yields?
  • Hormone based rooting additives cause phantom roots – WE DON’T SMOKE ROOTS – only grow roots your plant needs to sustain a heavy yield
  • Regenerate damaged roots and turbo-charge your plants immune system with CX Horticultures’ unique induced resistance approach.
  • Contains no salts!
  • Non-biological, super clean, ideal for aeroponics and dwc – but suitable for all mediums
  • A lush, healthy, productive root system every time is Regen-a-root’s promise to you
  • Used by the world’s leading commercial growers

Do you know how many diseases are waiting to attack the roots of your crop?

The effect of root disease can be mild through to devastating. Most growers have had the experience of thinking that their crop is going to be great only to find that, within the space of a few days, the crop’s condition has degenerated quickly. For example, the leaves start to change color and begin to wilt. Almost without exception, your crop has been attacked by one of the myriad root diseases that lurk in the nooks and crannies of most hydro systems waiting for an opportunity to start feasting on your plant’s roots. What are these diseases? There is Pythium, Rhizoctonia and Phytophthora which are the most common. In addition, there are several others which are less common but nevertheless very dangerous if they infect your crop. Among these are Thielaviopsis, Fusarium, Sclerotinia and Cylindrocladium. How do you encourage and promote healthy root growth so your plant and its’ roots are strong enough to resist diseases, while also providing a root framework for high yields? CX Horticulture Regenaroot!

CX Horticulture Regenaroot 10 Liter has been developed by the CX agronomist who has over 30 years of horticultural experience in production and consultation. Regenaroot is so uniquely effective that it has become our number one product. There are lots of root products out there, fortunately for you, though, Regenaroot is the one that works AND at only a fraction of the cost. You know this product is quality because of its strength; just 1ml per liter is all you need. CX Horticulture strives to produce great value with amazing results.

How does Regenaroot 10 Liter work so well?

Only the best materials are used in the production of CX Horticulture Regenaroot. CX Horticulture sources the highest grade of raw materials from specialist suppliers who are market leaders in their own right. Also, during production, every batch is independently tested by an independent laboratory prior to bottling. They allow no more than 0.1% margin of variation from the original master reference batch, so you know with absolute certainty that what you are getting is the best product, every time.

If you want to look after your roots zones then consider Regenaroot as the best product for that job. Why look after roots? The roots are often “out of sight; out of mind” and easy to forget because you don’t see them. Too often things will go wrong in the root zone before you realize but with Regenaroot, you can grow with confidence. Regenaroot will look after your root zone so you don’t have to. You don’t have to worry about any root problems throughout the entire growing cycle.

Just add 1ml of Regenaroot with nutrient solution at every solution change and top up.

It should be used in every system from cloning to harvest for unrivaled results.


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