Terps Up 125 ml Terp Booster and Bloom Enhancer


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Terps Up 125 ml Terp Booster and Bloom Enhancer

Terps Up 125 ml triggers a hormonal response in your plant that increases chlorophyll levels, photosynthetic activity, nutrient uptake and up regulates biological and physiological processes in plants. Additionally, Terps Up triggers the release of adenosine. Adenosine is a fast-acting messenger that controls transpiration, and translocation of sugars and other metabolites. Terps Up helps to create additional flowering sites and flower size. Terps Up has been shown to increase crop yields by 5% – 10% and oil yields 10% – 20%.

  • Increase Oil Production 10-20%
  • Increase Crop Yields 5-10%
  • Increase Flower Size
  • Increase Flowering Sites

Application Rates:

For best results introduce Terps Up to your plants a week before the flowering stage and cut off usage 10 days before harvest.


  • 2ml/100L (0.2ml/10L)
  • Add to your feeding regiment once weekly. In drain to waste systems (potted plants)
    ensure you have at least 5% – 10% run off when using Terps UP


  • 2ml/100L (0.2ml/10L)
  • Add with every reservoir change