Ushio HiLUX GRO AHS-1000W opti-red


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Ushio HiLUX GRO AHS-1000W Opti-Red

The Ushio 1000 Watt HPS HiLux AHS opti-red lamp is a super high pressure sodium with Optimized RED and BLUE Spectra grow lamp. Ushio introduced Hi-LUX GRO, a new line of grow light bulbs to promote enhanced vegetative growth, and flowering. The bulbs are made to assure consistency in quality and optimized for high performance.

Ushio AHS-1000/Opti-Red Bulb Features:

  • Super high output lamp technology
  • Optimized spectrum, distribution pattern, lumen output and illumination
  • Reliable operation throughout the growth cycle
  • Highest quality and consistent performance

600 Watt Ushio Hi-Lux Gro Specifications:

  • Wattage: 1000W
  • Lumens: 146,000
  • Color Temp: 2000K
  • CRI: 22
  • Finish: Clear
  • Base: Mogul E39
  • ANSI Code: S106
  • Burn Position: Universal
  • Bulb Life: 24,000 hrs
  • Lamp Shape: T23
  • Length: 15.06 (in.)
  • Width: 3.1 (in.)


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