Vegamatrix pHyre Microbial Inoculant


  • Vegamatrix is 100% Veganic
  • 100% Non-GMO Plant Based Nutrients
  • Virtually No Heavy Metals
  • Engineered For Explosive Growth

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Vegamatrix pHyre Microbial Inoculant

Vegamatrix pHyre Microbial Inoculant – FIGHTING FIRE WITH pHyre!

Vegamatrix pHyre is for the Microbes! Beyond what the human eye can see is the only way to grow the best plants. Inspired by a natural farming technique, the purpose of this product is to increase microbial diversity in the soil. pHyre is a microbial inoculant, isolated from the ashes of slash and burn. pHyre is a beneficial soil microbial inoculant capable of nitrogen fixation and phosphate solubilization, just as nature intended. pHyre may help maintain vigor throughout the plants growth cycle.

Sticky Icky has taken on a new meaning in the rhizosphere. A bacterium that coats root surfaces with mucilage is beyond fire. Isolated from the root surface of his mother plants, “pHyre” was identified, A Paenibacillus polymyxa species, cultured for its ability to aid each plant in reaching its full genetic potential.

This universal bacterium is one of a kind and highly efficient simultaneously fixing nitrogen, solubilizing phosphates and releasing potassium.

Directions: Use alone or with conventional fertilizers or nutrients.

Vegamatrix pHyre Mixing and Application Rates:

Agriculture: Apply 1 quart per acre at planting. Repeat application after germination.

Greenhouse: After planting: Apply 2ml per gallon of water throughout the growth cycle.

Transplants/Root Drench: At transplant mix 5 ml with one gallon of water, dip roots into the mixture or spray roots at transplanting. Apply 2ml per gallon with every watering.

Foliage: Add 2ml per gallon of water. Spray a fine mist until the solution runs off the leaves. Spray both sides of the leaves.

Hydroponics: Apply 2ml per gallon of water every watering throughout the growth cycle.

Vegamatrix Feeding Chart 2019 With PHYRE

Shake well before each use. 

Veganic: Contains no animal derived ingredients.

Store in a cool dark place.


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