XXXTractor 14 Gallon (5 bag system)




XXXTractor 14 Gallon (5 bag system)

The XXXTractor is a 14 gallon 5 bag cold water herbal extraction system.

It is a chemical free cold water extraction system used for the extraction of oil or trichomes.

It serves also as a plant essence extraction kit.

Comes in a variety of micron sizes.

Add 600 grams of dry plant matter.

Trichome yield: 30 to 60 grams (5 to 10 % of dry plant matter)

Micron Sizes:
Yellow | 25mc
Orange | 75mc
Grey | 100mc
Black | 150mc
Red | 220mc

XXXTractor 14 gallon bags are fully assembled in Canada using the highest grade of durable waterproof nylon. The mesh is woven with high caliber module polyester yarn specially developed and engineered in Switzerland for industrial use.

14 Gallon Instruction Manual


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