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Induced Flowering with 36 Hours of Darkness and Blossom-Plus, Bud-Plus and Final Drive

It is a matter of fact that plants go through massive hormonal and obvious physical changes when they transition from the vegetative growth stage to flowering. In nature this transition is slow and smooth as daylight hours fade with minimal daily changes throughout an entire season. For indoor hydroponic gardeners it is always exciting – in a god-like way- when powerful HID grow-lights are shut down, light-hours are cut from 18 to 12 and plants are forced to transition from veg to flower in a week. Taking this time-saving strategy one step further, expert hydroponic gardeners have a highly effective method of triggering this hormonal change in 36 hours – 36-hours-of-darkness.

It is documented that induced flowering will occur by completely shutting down all indoor garden lighting for 36 hours (between veg and bloom). By turning off the grow-lights for a full 36 hours and generating a completely unnatural period of darkness, two things happen to plants: 1) they have more than enough time to completely transfer and assimilate all light energy that was accumulated and stored throughout the period of light and 2) plants experience intense stress when they run out of stored energy to transfer and from withdrawal of light. A combination of these two factors jump-starts flowering and fast-tracks the transition from growth to bloom.

Nutri-Plus Blossom Plus Powder 300 gBlossom-Plus is the ultimate Early Bloom Activator to use after 36-Hours-of-Darkness

In order to help growers fully capitalize on the 36-hours-of-darkness short-cut, the experts at Nutri-Plus prepared a unique and powerful early bloom activator known as Blossom-Plus (0-39-25). This early bloom enhancer has the ideal balance of minerals that a plant requires as it begins to bloom – regardless of the fertilizer program. The high concentration of phosphorous, potassium and quickly assimilated special bloom activators in Blossom-Plus stimulate flowering for denser, heavier and richer flowers and fruits.Nutri-Plus Bud Plus 10 Liters

Bud-Plus by Nutri-Plus Delivers Immediate and Impressive Results for your Plants in Mid-Bloom

As the veg-bloom transition phase is accelerated, experienced growers and hydroponic plant nutrition specialists know that plants activity and energy requirements are radically changed. For enhanced flowering in mid-bloom, the experts at Nutri-Plus designed Bud-Plus (0-15-40) to provide a super-dose of high-quality potassium as well as phosphorous and wide range of micronutrients that generate intense flowering and increased sugar levels. Bud-Plus is available as a liquid or powder.

Final Drive by Nutri-Plus is the ultimate Bloom Finisher to use after 36-Hours-of-Darkness

Final Drive 1 LFor growers who are eager to achieve the greatest yields and the highest quality crops in the shortest time, the 36-hours-of-darkness trick – in conjunction with high grade hydroponic plant nutrients and supplements including Blossom-Plus and Bud-Plus will be enough to deliver an impressive harvest. But, no job is complete without a good finisher and no harvest finisher is as complete as Final Drive by Nutri-Plus. To be used in the last few weeks of flowering Final Drive is in a class by itself as the most effective bloom enhancer for the final phase of flowering.

If you read this blog, you know we love Nutri-Plus. They’ve been around for decades and they’ve continually made products that work well at a great price. Blossom-Plus, Bud-Plus and Final Drive are in our minds, as good as any other bloom enhancers out there. Sure, everyone has their favorite nutrient line and will say it’s better than all the others, but, we’ve grown with all of them, and we’ve stuck with Nutri-Plus as our go-to line. Take it for what it’s worth, but Nutri-Plus is definitely worth a try for your next grow.

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