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Biowave mini

Review: Does the Biowave Mini Really Work?

Biowave MiniAs a skeptic by nature I was very reluctant to purchase a Biowave Mini. Does this thing actually do anything other than look like an awesome prop for a sci-fi movie? Every product is hyped beyond belief in this industry and people are always hesitant to make large purchases for unproven products. Well, since I have access to the Biowave Mini, we decided to test it out…

A Shorter Veg Period with the Biowave Mini

After running a controlled side by side I can tell you with 100% certainty that the Biowave Mini machine does work. Right from the start the biowave mini plants were clearly much more vigorous than the control group. We grow large plants in large containers of coco coir that are topped and trained to grow very wide. Our typical vegetative cycle is roughly 6 weeks. The biowave mini group reached our desired size in only 34 days while the control went 43.

Biowave Mini and Blooming: Total Success!biowave resonance

In addition to a shorter veg period, the Biowave Mini group also had significantly more lateral branching and much tighter inter-nodal spacing. By day 60 it was evident from a quick glance that the Biowave Mini machine was working. While the control group was just starting to set bloom , the Biowave Mini room had already grown serious bud mass. The Biowave Mini room also produced a noticeably denser canopy, possibly due to the increased growth during the transitional period between growth and bloom. As a side note, I would advise other growers to induce bloom with more space between plant sites than usual.

The Biowave Mini Group Totally Outperformed the Control Group

By day 97 the Biowave Mini plants were fully ripe and harvested. I remember being absolutely astonished at the girth of the stalks. It was unlike anything i had ever seen on a plant grown indoors. The control group was left to bloom for the usual 70 days and harvested at day 113. While our study became somewhat unscientific at this point, the Biowave Mini flowers were visibly larger, denser and heavier compared to those of the control group. Unfortunately we did not have a refractometer to measure brix levels, but there was clearly a pronounced difference in oil production between the two crops. Most importantly we had a noticeable difference in yield when using the biowave mini; I’d say around 20%.

BW1000-623x600Biowave Mini and Mites:

The waves produced by the Biowave Mini have been reported to prevent mites. I can say this is true! I did not see any mites at all for the first time in two years. I did however notice an increase in lady bugs. When I brought in a leaf with mites on it, the mites started to freak out when it was put in proximity to the Biowave Mini. The waves emitted definitely have an adverse affect on mites which is a good thing!

Conclusion: The Biowave Mini is a Must for any Indoor Garden

All in all, after using the Biowave Mini and seeing the results first hand, I have to say I am very pleased. I would adamantly suggest the Biowave Mini to anyone who is serious about controlling every aspect of their garden with the newest tech on the market. For those growing on a commercial level, the Biowave Mini should be a no brainer. Because of the shorter harvest intervals, and increase in weight per harvest, we improved our efficiency by roughly 35%. It’s effective for smaller grows but you truly see the results and benefits when your using a setup of multiple lights. You really want to maximize the fact that it covers 500 square feet. If you’re utilizing 500 square feet, you will be happy you have the Biowave Mini in your setup.

Needless to say, we will be adding the biowave to all of our current and future grows. The Biowave Mini covers 500 square feet and for $1,000, you can recoup your costs pretty quickly so this is something we’ll keep in our room.



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