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plant growing tips

Plant Growth Enhancers for Your Indoor Garden

Hydroponic gardening can prove difficult when it comes to accelerated plant growth and maximized yields. There are many different ways for a grower to increase their plant yields and harvest a healthier crop by use of a few simple plant growing tips. A high quality plant growth enhancer is just one of the many options that hydroponic gardeners must take into consideration to maximize their returns.

The Immune System Booster for Hydroponic Gardens

A plant growth enhancer can significantly improve your hydroponic garden in more ways than one. Apart from the obvious stimulation of plant growth, effective plant growth enhancers often involve chemicals or solutions that combat or prevent pathogens and other harmful diseases which can halt plant growth. Growth enhancers that contain Salicylic acid are known in gardening as immune system boosters. They work by improving the plants overall health and by guarding against unwanted exposure to diseases that can devastate crops, and neutralize all gardening efforts.

Root Enhancers and Hydroponic GardensCX Hydroponics Regen-a-root

Growing strong and healthy roots throughout the entire cycle of vegetative growth and bloom is a critical issue in optimized indoor gardening. Hydroponic crops that have a restricted or unhealthy root system will not produce the results required to ensure maximum productivity and profitability; even when proper lighting, watering, and feeding is done. A quality root enhancer or powerful indoor gardening root stimulant can be highly beneficial, with effects that trigger significantly larger plants and better quality harvests. A root stimulating plant growth enhancer generally works by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria, which strengthen the root system while facilitating the absorption of plant nutrients.

Web Hydroponics Recommendation: If you have read any previous blog posts, you know how much we love Regen-a-Root by CX Hydroponics. It is our favorite root stimulator on the market. It does what the big brands do and more, at a much better price point. Try it today!

Organic Rescue Product ineFoliar Feeding: The Plant Growth Enhancer That Can Improve Crops

Foliar feeding a quality plant growth enhancer is another essential method of improving your crop yields for a larger and higher quality harvest. Foliar feeding works by simply spraying a growth enhancing nutrient mist on the leaves of your plants. Because of their special epidermal structure, leaves absorb supercharged plant nutrients and additives, inducing maximized hydroponic crop yields (improved by up to 50%). For optimized plant growth and health, it is said that a good surfactant and a high quality humic acid or fulvic acid should be used in foliar feeding.

Web Hydroponics Recommendation: Our favorite foliar spray is Organic Rescue Mist. We use other nutrients for base/additives, but for foliar, nothing beats Organic Rescue Mist. Effective, concentrated (31% fulvic acid!!!), affordable, and it comes in a slick, durable Ready-To-Use aluminum bottle for easy foliar feeding when it’s needed. Pick up a bottle and leave it in your grow room for future foliar feeds! Original Formula through Veg, Rapid Flower for transition into flower. It’s that easy!

Hydroponic Growth Maximized by Basic PruningOrange Scissors

Pruning your plants can also help to improve and increase plant growth in a hydroponic garden. Withering, under-performing, or old leaves and branches (when connected to plants), can draw the nutrients and energy away from the healthy section of the plant; resulting in fewer nutrients that can be absorbed. Pruning dead or dying leaves or branches can drastically help to improve growth rates because the nutrients will no longer be drawn away from the healthy section of the plant. This method is one of the easiest and most cost effective plant growth enhancing options available to indoor gardeners. These tips and tricks are sure to improve your garden health and productivity.

Web Hydroponics Recommendation: We have a couple different options for pruning. We use Giros orange curved scissors. Pretty standard, yet highly effective.

-Web Hydroponics

reverse osmosis water

Reverse Osmosis Water and pH Monitoring Tips

Stealth-RO200 Reverse Osmosis Filter - 200 GPD
Hydrologic Stealth-RO200 RO Filter

“Don’t fill-up on junk food because we’re having dinner soon.”

This is one of those multi-cultural and multi-generational expressions we’ve all heard at some stage in our lives. If I could interpret this age old wisdom into solid advice for my hydroponic plants, the translation would be: use pure reverse osmosis water in your reservoir – give your plants the best chance to take-in a rich and balanced plant nutrient, without filling up on contaminants from ordinary tap water.

Reverse Osmosis Water – A Pure Water Source is the Foundation of every Plant Nutrition Program

nutradip grow boss

Assuming you are a serious indoor grower who is investing thousands of dollars every year into your favorite plant nutrition program it is likely you are determined to make sure that those nutrients and additives are delivered in a way that is most effectively absorbed by your plants. No doubt you are also aware that pure water is the most important part of your formula – this fact is consistently illustrated by the fact that all nutrient feed charts begin with a 0 ppm (parts per million) water source. In order to ensure the highest levels of purity, companies such as HydroLogic Purification systems from Santa Cruz, CA manufacture top-caliber reverse osmosis water purification systems for indoor gardening. Their hand-built EvolutionRO 1000 System can process between 700 – 1500 GPD (Gallons Per day).

Water Control of the Hydroponic Plant Nutrient Solution – Monitor pH, PPMs and Temperature

Knowing that “you get out of it, what you put into it”, isn’t enough in indoor gardening. Assuming the plant nutrient formula is precisely balanced with a perfect mix of macro (NPKs) and micro nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, and naturally occurring plant hormones, the challenge is to make all this available to your plants in the most consistently effective way. After implementing a suitable reverse osmosis water purification system for your plant nutrient solution, one of your main obstacles on the road to harvesting glory is water control: pH, conductivity and temperature.

You can give your plants the greatest plant nutrient in the world, but if the conductivity of the nutrient formula is wrong, plants will die. You can give your plants the ultimate balance of nutrition and root-zone aeration, but if the pH is wrong, plants will die. You can set up the most sophisticated hydroponic nutrient delivery system on the planet, but if the temperature is wrong, plants will die. If this is beginning to sound a bit repetitive, that is the point – plants will die.

Bluelab Guardian monitorBluelab – Water control with the most trusted name in Hydroponics and Indoor Gardening

It is clear that monitoring pH, conductivity and temperature of the nutrient solution and growing media are essential in order react if levels elevate or drop into danger zones. Bearing in mind the warnings above, it is essential to purchase reliable pH, TDS and temperature monitors and check solutions and media very regularly. In terms of reliability, Bluelab’s Truncheon has become the industry standard in measuring the strength of the plant nutrient solution. (Conductivity) For pH, Bluelab also has a highly reliable pH Meter with replaceable probe. If you prefer the two in one, Bluelab also has a Combo Meter. To cover all your bases, Bluelab’s Guardian monitors pH, PPM and temperature in one unit with three probes.

In a nut shell – With RO water and tight water control, your indoor garden is well on its way to thrive!

-Web Hydroponics

grozone blog

Only Trust Grozone CO2 Generators and Climate Controllers for Indoor Gardening

Don’t get me wrong, I love saving money on inexpensive products, but there are too many variables in indoor gardening to take chances with cheap, unreliable products; it’s not the right way to become a successful indoor grower. With this in mind, it doesn’t Grozone LP5 CO2 Generatormatter whether I’m dealing with odor control, climate control or water control, I purchase reliable controllers that may cost more than their imported counterparts at first, but they will repay dividends because they will last many years and cycles of growing. And if something happens, I want a product that has a long-term reliable warranty.

CO2 Enrichment is Essential in Optimizing Green Houses and Grow Rooms, but it Can be Dangerous

Almost all school children know from science class that CO2 is an essential ingredient in the equation of photosynthesis; all experienced indoor growers know that a key way to increase yield in an optimized grow room is to increase availability of CO2. This statement is perfectly logical. The only curveball associated with CO2 enrichment is the fact that it can be downright dangerous if a grower is careless. Many inexperienced growers are quick to pick up cheaper, more-affordable CO2 propane burners in order to “save” a few dollars. We often end up hearing about these growers on the late night news or in the local papers under the heading “Investigation of Grow House Explosion Underway” or “Explosion Blows Lid off Local Grow House”.

North American Made and ETL Certified Grozone CO2 Burners are the Ultimate in Reliability and Safety

On the other hand using safe and reliable propane burners for CO2 enrichment can provide huge benefits: increase yields by 10 to 30% while reducing growing times by 10 to 30%. For CO2 burners, I recommend the Grozone LP5 (15 000 BTU/hour propane burner) or LP10 (30 000 BTU/hour propane burner). These Canadian-made units feature an electronic smart valve which lights the gas nozzle only when necessary; this smart valve is monitored by built-in Honeywell components that reduce waste of propane and generate a shutdown if ignition fails or when required. Grozone CO2 Burners are built with unique collapsible enclosures which are protected by a high temperature coating. With all these safety mechanisms in place, Grozone CO2 Burners are among the only ETL Certified propane burners available on the market and they come with a Grozone 1-year, no hassle warranty.

grozone co2Let’s look at the specs of their CO2 Generators…

Grozone LP5 CO2 Generator

The LP5 generator is a 15 000 BTU/hour propane burner activated via a 120Vac power cord. The electronic smart valve lights the gas nozzle only when necessary reducing waste of propane as regular standing pilot. The unique collapsible enclosure design enables space and shipping cost savings and is protected by a high temperature coating. The unit can either rest on the floor or be suspended to ceiling. The LP5 model will generate about 17 cubic feet of pure CO2 every hour of operation. ETL Listed. The accessory kit includes a 10-ft hose and gas regulator assembly, two “S” hooks, Two 3-ft chain sections and one replacement fuse (1A 250V Slow Blow) tied to the power cord

Grozone LP10 CO2 Generator

The LP10 generator is a 30 000 BTU/hour propane burner activated via a 120Vac power cord. The electronic smart valve lights the gas nozzle only when necessary reducing waste of propane as regular standing pilot. The unique collapsible enclosure design enables space and shipping cost savings and is protected by a high temperature coating. The unit can either rest on the floor or be suspended to ceiling. The LP10 model will generate about 35 cubic feet of pure CO2 every hour of operation. ETL Listed. The accessory kit includes a 10-ft hose and gas regulator assembly, two “S” hooks, two 3-ft chain sections and one replacement fuse (1A 250V Slow Blow) tied to the power cord.

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