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Fulvic Acid and Foliar Feeding

Fulvic Acid is an essential element to all life on earth.

Fulvic Acid is a part of the humic structure of rich, composting soil. It is created by microbes working on decaying matter in a soil environment. For this reason, it exists in all rich soils which have not been degraded through ill-advised farming methods and the use of pesticides and various chemical-based fertilizers. It originates from humic deposits and each Fulvic Acid molecule carries 60 or more minerals and trace elements in organic complexes that are necessary for life.fulvic acid extract

Fulvic Acid is a natural organic electrolyte in that it is both a complex organic molecule that would contrarily not be soluble in water, but it is also covered in negative charges that enable solubility in water. Because it is smaller and more electronegative than other humates, Fulvic Acid readily complexes with itself, other organic molecules and inorganic materials like metals and minerals making them all become more readily available to plant roots.

Fulvic Acid acts like a tiny claw that grabs everything your plant may not be able to take in on its own and helps the roots utilize and process these essential molecules. For example, it aids in the absorption of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. These elements are transported into the plant tissue faster and easier with Fulvic than without, resulting in a plant that is able to achieve more rapid growth and produce larger yields.

Utilizing Fulvic Acid on a regular basis means that nutrients are immediately absorbable and more transportable within the plant given appropriate pH scenarios. It is recommended to use Fulvic Acid in all stages of a plants development as it will help boost your plants health while aiding in nutrient absorption.

Simply put, every plant should be receiving a regular dose of Fulvic Acid, one of the essential building blocks of carbon-based life.

Hydroponics and Fulvic Acid

Transcellular. Fulvic Acid can be absorbed directly into the plant itself, giving it transcellular properties. Being able to enter a plants cell and chelate nutrients directly in makes the fertilizers that growers use more efficient.

Efficiency in Correcting Deficiencies with Foliar Feeding. Since Fulvic Acid can easily be absorbed through a plant’s stomata and act as a highly efficient chelator, it can instantly begin correcting deficiencies and boosting plant health. If your plant is experiencing a nutrient deficiency, often foliar feeding with Fulvic Acid and a specific mineral supplement is the quickest and most effective way to counterattack. By applying the needed nutrient in combination with Fulvic Acid via foliar application the grower ensures that the highest amount of the needed nutrient is absorbed as fast as possible.

I use Fulvic Acid as a foliar feed from clone to veg all the way through week 2/3 of flowering (Fulvic Acid has auxin like abilities so it’s a wonderful, organic way to help start clones). Be cautious when foliar feeding your plants during flowering after about week 3 because this can spur the formation of botrytis amongst denser colas and areas of the space that receive inadequate air circulation. Some growers don’t like to Foliar Feed, which I don’t understand because it’s such an effective method of feeding your plants. If you really want your plants to reach for the sky, foliar feed with Fulvic Acid on a regular basis.

Organic Rescue Product ineI foliar feed with one of my favorite new products, Organic Rescue Mist. This is the highest quality Fulvic we’ve found at a great price and it comes in a sturdy aluminum bottle that we’ve been using for months. Pick up a bottle of concentrate and your Fulvic requirements will be good-to-go for multiple cycles. I use the Original Formula from veg until transition and then I switch to the Rapid Flower formula and use that from last week of veg until week 2/3 flower. Another great way to use Organic Rescue Original Formula is to mix it with other nutrients to correct deficiencies of boost a certain additive. For example, we like to add it to CX Hydroponics’ Head Masta (increases quality of yield) to make this additive work even better to produce even tastier results. For less than $100.00, my grow room is stocked with high quality Fulvic Acid and my plants are happy!

-Web Hydroponics

For those that want even more information, here’s a study we found on the efficiency of Fulvic Acid in nutrient uptake and yield.

Effect of Foliar Application of Fulvic Acid on water use, nutrient uptake, and yield in wheat

Abstract: Spraying with Fulvic Acid (FA) resulted in a higher level of chlorophyll in the leaves and a greater uptake of Phosphorus by the roots. Spraying with FA increased the yield of stressed plants to 97% of the irrigated controls. Field trials demonstrated that when FA was used to decrease the water stress or the stress imposed by hot, dry winds during development, grain yield increased by 7.3 – 18.0%.

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