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Carboload vs Carborator: Not All Hydroponic Plant Sugars Are Created Equal

If you’re a sugar junkie like me, you can’t go a couple hours without at least thinking about where that next sugar fix is coming from…will it be a Reese’s Cup from the gas station or a super ultra grande mocha latte from the Starbucks down the road? I am easy to please when it comes to sugary desserts or anything chocolate, but I know that not all sugar is the same. Some sugar comes from fruits, vegetables and grains. These life-giving, essential sugars provide a slow release of energy that keeps us going all day – not just a temporary energy spike for junkies like me. A healthy garden also benefits from sugar. With carbohydrate products like Carborator from Nutri-Plus and Carboload by Advanced Nutrients, plants and beneficial bacteria derive energy that triggers increased plant growth and record breaking harvests.

carboloadCarboload by Advanced Nutrients Established a Demand for Carbohydrates for Plants

In recognizing the huge advantages of complimenting any hydroponic garden fertilization program with sugar boosters, it is no mystery that innovative hydroponic plant nutrient manufacturers offer carbohydrate products for plants in their lines. One of the most widely recognized, classic carb products for plants, Carboload, comes from the very controversial plant nutrient manufacturer: Advanced Nutrients. This product earned lots of respect from the indoor gardening community, established the demand for carb products for plants and set a benchmark in quality. Despite the steep pricing and crazy marketing of Carboload, cutting edge growers were made aware that plant additives with high quality simple and complex carbohydrates could promote the development of beneficial bacteria and push plant growth to new levels.

Carborator by Nutri-Plus sets a new Benchmark in Sugar for Hydroponic Gardensnutri plus carborator product line

Building on the knowledge and success achieved by Carboload and other carbohydrates for hydroponic plants, the agronomists and chemists at Nutri-Plus developed a new benchmark in high quality carbohydrates for plants. Nutri-Plus Carborator is a high powered energy source for plants and microbiology that brings together a superior blend of monosaccharide sugars to improve plant health and quality while increasing crop yield. By combining the highest grade of glucose, maltose and xylose, the team at Nutri-Plus produced a plant growth additive that uniquely benefits plants during all stages of growth.

Nutri-Plus Carborator has the Highest Percentage of Xylose then Carboload

All plants benefit from carbohydrate supplements, but not all sugar supplements generate equal results. Nutri-Plus Carborator is not a byproduct of cane sugar or molasses. It is uniquely high in Xylose; a rare, expensive and powerful wood sugar, known to encourage growth of plant tissues. Because of its unique chemical composition and origin, the Xylose in Carborator is ideal for building up plant energy reserves throughout the entire growth and bloom cycles while delivering critical energy boosts in late bloom; when plant carb production has stopped and plants rely exclusively on carbohydrate reserves.

The verdict is in…if you want to save money and get even better results compared to a big name brand, you can’t go wrong with Nutri-Plus Carborator. Looking at the ingredients and price alone should make it worth a purchase, so we recommend you give it a try in your next cycle.

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