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All You Need Is Smart Pots!

Water is the life of your plant but traditional hard-sided pots can restrict your drainage and heat your roots to dangerous levels if you’re not careful. That’s why soft-sided Smart Pots have become a staple in many indoor gardens.

smart potWhat is a Smart Pot?

A Smart Pot, sometimes referred to as a grow bag, is a soft-sided fabric aeration container for growing plants in any type of gardening setting. The fabric is porous, meaning you can see through it. They are made from a patented geotextile fabric that is stitched to form a grow bag that can be filled with your favorite planting mix. Did you know that (when used accordingly) Smart Pots can last up to 7 years? This unique aeration fabric allows the pot to breath, which allows air to reach the roots much easier. This gives you the biggest, strongest, healthiest plants. Not too mention they are one of the most durable aeration pots available, so you won’t have to worry about the pot not being strong enough to hold your plants.

Great for Roots!

With Smart Pots your plants will grow much more efficiently and with a thick, fibrous root system as they allow your plants to take in more nutrients and water. Not only that, but it allows your roots to stay much cooler because the fabric doesn’t trap heat like a traditional pot.


Over-watering is a common problem in indoor gardening, especially for beginning growers. But unlike a hard-sided container, it is a very difficult to overwater a Smart Pot. That means you can use a denser, heavier mix. A Smart Pot also allows for premium drainage compared to traditional pots. Most hard-sided containers aren’t supplied with sufficient drainage at the bottom, leading to water buildup, mold problems and root problems.


Temperature is a huge factor in indoor gardening and the temperatures of your root zone is something that is often overlooked by beginning growers. Temperature inside a traditional black container can reach over 125 degrees and the heat can suffocate your roots. In a Smart Pot the cloth allows the roots to breathe and flow with the ambient temperature of your environment causing much cooler root zones.

What About Clay or Decorative Pots?

smart potSmart Pots are much more affordable than clay pots, and clay pots are fragile and often have drainage issues. Clay pots usually have no or minimal drainage holes so it’s very easy to overwater. With the very handy ‘Smart Pot with Handles’, these aeration containers are easily portable and can give you added space in a confined area.

Various Sizes
Smart Pots are made in various sizes to fit the needs of growers everywhere, beginning with one gallon up to 98 gallons.

I’ve grown tons of plants indoors and out over the past decade and without a doubt, Smart Pots are the most affordable and reliable aeration container on the market. I currently live in a dense, urban area and instead of taking the time to build raised beds, I simply place Smart Pots around my concrete jungle of a backyard and create a beautiful green space. We can’t recommend them highly enough!

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