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One of the Best PH Meter and PPM Meters Available: Nutradip!

Beginners in Hydroponic gardening tend to make the common mistake of underestimating the accuracy, reliability and high quality in pH meters and nutrient meters. Many growers warn of the dangers of unchecked acidity levels and unbalanced nutrient concentrations that can lead to plant nutrient deficiencies. These plant nutrient deficiencies generally result in a weakened immune system that can’t fight against pests and diseases; inevitably this leads to a non-exist or diminished yield when it’s time to harvest.

NUTRADIP pH Meter (dual power) with probe and solutionBest PH Meter: Nutradip is my winner!

The use of pH meters and ppm meters in monitoring plant nutrient solutions has become standard practice and widely used in most hydroponic gardening communities around the globe. The latest pH meters and nutrient meters by Nutradip are manufactured by Future Harvest Development – a well-known and trusted brand that is a first choice for many hydroponic growers. The well-known Nutradip Tri-meter is a 3-in-1 hydroponic meter that features automatic temperature compensation and no batteries, and is classed as a reliable way to measure nutrient strength, temperature and pH levels all in one.

Best Nutrient Meter: Again, Nutradip!!!NUTRADIP ppm Meter (dual power) with probe and solution

Developed by Future Harvest Development the Nutradip Nutrient Meter provides an accurate and reliable way of measuring conductivity (EC) and nutrient strength (ppm) in hydroponic gardens. Made by growers for growers, this hydroponic nutrient meter comes with splash resistant properties, a lightweight design; a temperature compensated nutrient probe, a Nutradip calibration solution, and a replaceable 9V battery with dual power options for performing as a wall mounted or hand-held unit.

Measuring Acidity Levels with The Nutradip pH Meter

The Future Harvest Development Nutradip pH Meter is another essential hydroponic gardening tool which provides any grower with the ability to monitor nutrient pH with a portable or wall mounted unit. This meter features the same splash resistant and lightweight case as the Nutradip nutrient meter. It also includes the dual power option, and the same people-friendly and plant friendly display as the Nutrient Meter. The Nutradip pH meter also offers a 9V battery, a 1 year warranty, a Nutradip pH4/pH7, and a high quality pH probe.

Nutradip Tri-MeterWhy Nutradip?

The bottom line is that most of the deficiencies and setbacks with disappointing hydroponic yields and poor plant health are the result of failure to monitor pH levels and nutrient strength. Experienced growers know that reliable meters and regular attention are directly related to optimized plant nutrient uptake and exceptional harvests. As such, Nutradip has become synonymous with reliability and quality in monitoring pH and nutrient strength in hydroponic gardening. Don’t deceive yourself into thinking that your nutrient solution is optimized, confirm it with Nutradip.

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