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Nutri Plus the Beast and Stopping Vertical Growth

the beastThe distinct NPK reading of 6-6-6 alludes to something evil or the work of the devil, but the truth is that The Beast by Floracorp (the makers of Nutri-Plus) serves the critical function of limiting excessive vertical growth or elongation of your indoor hydroponic garden – and nothing more unholy than that. The Beast and similar growth regulating products are used in everything from golf courses and outdoor turf grass to conventional commercial agriculture and indoor plants. It seems counter intuitive to want to limit the growth of your plants if you are a grower who is aiming to sell your harvest, but, experienced growers know that yield, weight, and profit are in dense, tightly packed healthy plants, with maximum flowering sites in minimum space. From a horticultural point of view, it makes sense that longer plants require more time and energy to transfer vital minerals and energy throughout the plant.

How the Beast Works in Indoor Gardens

The Beast works by altering, restricting or inducing the production of common plant growth hormones and thus generating or halting plant growth. Most of these chemicals or variations of these growth inhibiting or inducing chemicals already exist in plants. The difference here is that we decide when plant growth should halt – not Mother Nature.

Why use The Beast in your Indoor Garden

Halting vertical plant growth at precisely the right time is essential for maximizing yield in most optimized indoor gardens. Plant growth hormones are present through-out the plant and produced in every cell. They can induce root growth, stem and leaf growth, and even the on-set of flowering and fruit production. Experienced indoor gardeners know that mastering control of these plant hormones can determine the success of the harvest.

The Beast: Flowering treatment for Regulating Plant Growththe beast 500

Limiting excessive elongation is critical in all commercial agriculture and especially important in indoor gardening when space and light are in limited supply. Limited space and light are especially significant factors in most hydroponic vertical gardens. As such, hydroponic gardeners tend grow plants that are suitable for the space and light conditions. They seek out strains that perform best in their indoor garden systems. In addition to seeking the right genetics, experienced indoor gardeners, leave nothing to chance and work with the most mild and non-toxic, yet effective, plant growth regulators they can find. That is what The Beast is all about.

The Beast by Nutri-Plus is a blend of fruit enzymes and mild chemicals that, when applied in bloom, dramatically reduce elongation and stretching. While keeping internode space tight, The Beast also supports the development of healthy and abundant flowering while hardening the stem of the plant. The Beast is a highly concentrated and easy to use product that indoor gardeners across North America have learned to trust. Available in 500 ml and 1 liter, The Beast has become known as the go to bloom treatment for vertical gardens and for commercial and hobby indoor gardening.

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