Centurion Pro Motor Pulley


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Centurion Pro Motor Pulley

The CenturionPro Motor Pulley is comprised of a durable cast iron that makes it resilient and long-lasting.

The CenturionPro team has created user friendly machines and that’s why the 2.5 inch Motor Pulley incorporates a simplistic design that connects your motor end and drive belt, allowing them to work in sync. The result is a powerful turning torque that will produce optimal results.

This is just one component that revolutionizes the latest in our elite trimming technologies, whether you’re looking to purchase the CenturionPro Original, Silver Bullet, Gladiator or Mini this pulley accommodates all.

The Motor Pulley is designed for the seasoned operation veteran or anyone who’s new to the trade, thanks in part to its user-friendly design and secure structure.


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