Cure UV Germ Away 35 Watt Handheld UVC Surface Sterilizer

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Product Description

Cure UV Germ Away 35 Watt Handheld UVC Surface Sterilizer

For effective UV sterilization of walls, tabletops, furniture, and many other surfaces!

This UV light is a 99.9% proven effective treatment against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold. The UV light has a UVC electronically brightened reflector (CureUV’s proprietary design) built into the UV system to maximize the UV intensity and output. The only one of its kind to maximize germ-free surface purification and sterilization.


  • Lightweight handheld device with shatterproof lamp
  • UV application disinfects surfaces without chemicals, offering a safe, simple, and cost effective solution
  • Portable-easy to use. Just plug in and slowly pass the UV device over contaminated surfaces
  • Long service life – UV lamp is rated for 10,000 hours

Common Applications for use:

  • Residential and Commercial Mold Remediation
  • Food Processing
  • Processing
  • Warehousing
  • Handling
  • Restaurants
  • Clean Rooms
  • Schools, Day Care Centers, and Locker Rooms
  • Medical Industry
  • Research Labs
  • Equipment Sterilization
  • Agriculture (Crops)

Instructional Manual for UVC Surface Sterilizer Item # 201045 (PDF)

UVC Disinfection Chart for Germ-Away Products (PDF)

Spectral Output of Germicidal UVC Lights (PDF)

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