Germ Away UV 18 Watt Handheld UVC Surface Sanitizer with UV Amber Glasses



Germ Away UV 18 Watt Handheld UVC Surface Sanitizer with UV Amber Glasses

The Germ Away UV 18 watt handheld UVC surface sanitizer is a great, affordable handheld UV sanitizer that maintains power levels similar to more industrial UV sanitizers. Those machines are very expensive but Cure UV has create a unit that is effective and affordable for home and business use.

This entry level dual bulb 18 watt UVC surface sanitizer is the perfect tool to disinfect and sanitize high traffic areas and locations where bacteria and viruses are prevalent.

Whether you want to sterilize your grow room and garden or sanitize bathrooms, door handles, and kitchens this this lightweight and ergonomically designed 18 watt UV-C sanitizer will prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and microorganisms.

The 6 foot cord is adequate for most applications but the sanitizer will run easily with virtually any simple power extension. The two 9 watt UV-C sanitizer bulbs are guaranteed to product UV light in the 253.7 nanometer (nm) wavelength. Light at that wavelength has been consistently proven to eliminate all microbial contaminants including bacteria, viruses, mold, and other fungi.

To turn the unit on, simply turn 1 switch, wait 5 seconds, then turn on the second switch. After 10 seconds, you should have full UVC intensity.

Germ Away UV 18 watt handheld surface sanitizer specifications:

  • Power Supply: 120VAC/60Hz
  • Usage: Plug and play supply hub
  • Wattage: 18 Watts (2 bulbs of 9 watts each)
  • Bulb Length: 5″ (127 mm)
  • Lamp Lifespan: Up to 10,000 hours or 1 year
  • Peak UV Output: 253.7nm
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • UV Glasses Included!


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