Cyco Uptake 5 Liter


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Cyco Uptake 5 Liter

Cyco Uptake 5 liter is an additive used throughout the vegetative and flowering cycle that aids in natural chelation and nutrient uptake. It contains premium humates derived from Leonardite. Uptake works by bonding with compatible materials to help naturally chelate minerals, and once bonded the plant will be able to absorb nutrients far more effectively and efficiently. Cyco Uptake also improves fruit formation and stimulates root development.

  • Enhance macro nutrient uptake
  • Naturally stimulates healthy root growth
  • Increases cell membrane for increased mineral efficiency
  • Improves fruit formation

Non-plant food ingredient:

Humic Acids ……………………….. 1%

Derived From: Leonardite

Usage Instructions:

Add 1 ml of Cyco Uptake per liter of made up nutrient solution.

Use the same directions for re-circulation systems and total loss systems.

Use Cyco Uptake throughout the growth and flower cycle for maximum results.


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