Grozone HTC Climate Controller (TEMP, RH AND CO2)



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Grozone HTC Climate Controller (TEMP, RH AND CO2)

  • Perfect central piece of control to any grow room.
  • Remote sensor (with included 25-ft cable, can work up to 200 feet) provides higher precision and reliability.
  • Performs any two of the following control functions: heating, cooling, humidifying, dehumidifying, cooling and dehumidifying, hourly ventilation, CO2 enrichment or ventilation.
  • Review performance by reading through the integrated 24-hour data logger (minimum, maximum and average values for each hour of operation).
  • Incorporates fail-safe values for each output in case of sensor problem.
  • Enables higher priority output selection to prevent both outputs operating at the same time.

Included with the HTC: 

  • One main controller box
  • One remote module integrating CO2, temperature and humidity sensors
  • Two output boxes to connect 120Vac equipment
  • One wall mount power supply
  • One computer cable to connect remote module
  • Two telephone cables to connect Output Boxes
  • One user guide
  • One screw kit


1 year full no-hassle warranty!

User Guide Grozone HTC

Grozone Troubleshooting Guide

Notice about Sulfer Vaporization


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