Grozone LS240GP: 240V Switcher – General Purpose Use



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Grozone LS240GP: 240V Switcher – General Purpose Use

The Grozone LS240GP: 240V Switcher is intended for switching 2 conductors of 240V loads. It is perfect to switch 240V of any equipment! The LS240GP may be used with Grozone Control TP3 (High Temp Shut-Off), to turn the light off when is too hot in your grow room. The LS240GP can switch up to 20A or 4800W (2 hp) and it come with a single or dual trigger cord. The internal power switch is activated by a 120V trigger cord and a green pilot lamp turns ON to let you know that the trigger cord is powered. Max Load 20A or 4800W (2HP).

Included Modules and Accessories:

  • One plug-in type module
  • One user guide
  • One screw kit


1 year full no-hassle warranty!


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