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Hygrozyme is the world’s most advanced horticultural enzymatic formula. Enzymes are natural and friendly to the environment and they speed chemical reactions and act as catalysts. Enzymes in a growing medium eat dead protein removing potential areas where illness can potentially develop. Through this breakdown process plants are better able to obtain nutrients that are released by this process. More nutrients, less attacks, allowing plants to grow bigger, stronger, faster.

Hygrozyme is a true breakthrough in enzyme based products that breaks down old root mass to allow for and stimulate new growth. Manufactured in an entirely unique way, Hygrozyme offers growers a number of advantages over competing products. It is bacteria free meaning it has an unlimited shelf life with no risk of introducing living bacteria into your system. The other benefit that this provides is that because there are no bacteria, Hygrozyme is the first and only enzyme based product that is suitable for use with Oxy-Plus. 

With Hygrozyme there is no longer a need to introduce or create crop vulnerability by introducing a foreign germ culture to your sterile growing environment. After reviewing current enzymatic market products, it was determined that Hygrozyme actually incorporates all the benefits and capabilities offered by leading enzyme products and much, much more – all in one Powerful Formula! With Hygrozyme, there are no concerns of a limited shelf life or spoilage.

OMRI listed (for use in organic production)

Directions for Use

Seedling Trays: 6 ml per 4 liters (1 gallon) of water to treat prior to use. Gently soak medium to meet required moisture level.

Cuttings Media Preparation: Soak rockwool cube or plugs at 6 ml per 4 liters (1 gallon) of water. Proceed with normal regiment.

Hydroponics/Soil/Coco/Rockwool/Media: Should be used in conjunction with nutrient change-out based on weekly feeding schedule. Add 8-10 ml per 4 liters (never exceed 15 ml per 4 liters). Use as a soak/cleanser or in a drip feed system. Stay with normal feed schedule and apply in conjunction with normal regiment.

Foliar Equipment Wash & Rinse Application: 4 to 6 ml per 4 liters (1 gallon) (Use RO or distilled water when using in foliar spray equipment). Rinse equipment before and after use. Use once a week or when dictated by your feeding schedule.


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