Integrated Controller for Temp and RH iGS-111



Integrated Controller for Temp and RH iGS-111

Why use many climate controllers when a single one can perfectly manage temperature and relative humidity? No more need to coordinate many controllers together, the iGS-111 prioritizes actions according to a logical sequence and avoiding contradictory actions like heating and cooling at the same time. It intelligently and simultaneously manages 4 devices, giving you advices, detect equipment failures and manages alarms. Thanks to the integrated management of climate, the iGS-111 makes it easy to maintain a precise comfort zone for plants.

Control Module

The controller intelligently manages 4 actions: heating, cooling (AC or fan), humidifying and dehumidifying. It allows adjustment of 5 set points per climate parameter: set points for day, night, temperature and humidity’s differential, alarm and event logging. The controller database allowing you to know the real conditions of your garden over the last 24 hours.

  • Temperature precise sensor: ±1.8°F (±1°C)
  • Photocell to enable day/night set points
  • Relative humidity precise sensor: ±3.5% RH
  • Displays climatic conditions, advices, alarms and errors
Connection Module

Connected to a compatible alarm system (0.6 A @ 120 Vac or 2A @ 30 Vdc), the connection module will activate alarms to notify a temperature or a humidity control problem. The two IGS-25 power boxes, each controlling your equipment with 2 auxiliary outputs, can be connected (Ethernet or RG45 cable) on different circuits up to 50 feet of the connection module.

  • Two IGS-25 power boxes (4 auxiliary outputs)
  • Dry contacts for temperature and/or humidity alarms
Fresh Air Intake
Without CO2 Enrichment

The continuous operation of fan(s) is recommended during the day or a CO2 controller (iGS-061) with a fan speed control (iGS-070) forms an effective combination to control ventilation providing available CO2. Plug a power strip in an auxiliary outlet of the temperature and humidity controller (iGS-110) and plug the temperature or humidity prioritized equipment and the iLS120-OFF sense cord. Feed the iLS120-OFF in different circuit and plug in a CO2 controller (iGS-061 or iGS-100) to manage CO2 enrichment equipment.

With CO2 Enrichment

Fans may be operated a few minutes per hour Especially if you use combustion CO2 generator, the ventilation for at least 2 to 5 minutes is mandatory to replenish the oxygen supply required by the generator’s combustion.


The iGS-111 feeds up to 30 amps of controlled equipment (need two separate circuits 110-120 V). Equipment which uses other voltage then 110-120 V, like large capacity air conditioning unit, may be controlled by using an iGS-DCS. You can also increase the capacity with a load switcher box iLS4- 121, iLS4-121s or iLS4-241.

  • 120 V, 15 A, 2 HP load capacity (1 circuit)
  • 120 V, 30 A, 4 HP load capacity (2 circuits)

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