Nature’s Nectar Organa Guano 0-4-0


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Nature’s Nectar Organa Guano 0-4-0

Nature’s Nectar Organa Guano are all-natural organic phosphorus for intense flowering.

Nature’s Nectar Organa Guano 0-4-0 is a natural organic flowering stimulant derived from fruit eating bat guano. Nature’s Nectar Organa Guano functions as a flowering catalyst containing all the necessary organic activators. The completely solubilized liquid contains the highest rate of phosphorus possible without the addition of synthetics.

The use of a liquid guano is three times more cost effective and concentrated as compared to powder. The organic liquid form of phosphorus is easily absorbed, stimulates early flowering, contains beneficial enzymes, increases number of branches/flower sites, enhances aroma, and improves taste. The formula is non-burning and contains no odor or harmful residue. Organa-Guano is user friendly and any grower can achieve exceptional results.

Derived from Fruit-Eating Bat Guano.

OMRI Listed for use in organic production.

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