Nutri Plus Blossom Plus Liquid Bloom Activator – 250 ml


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Nutri-Plus Blossom PlusLiquid Bloom Activator – 250 ml

Nutri-Plus Blossom Plus Liquid is a combination of Phosphate and Potassium to provide a maximum yield on any plant grown hydroponically or using a soil medium. Use Blossom+ with your nutrients when first floral buds appear.

  • Phase 1 bloom stimulant
  • Powerful Early Bloom Activator that speeds up the flowering process
  • Promotes development of fuller buds and flowers utilizing selective pH control
  • Designed to stabilize the production of flowers in hydroponic systems and other growing mediums
  • Combined phosphorus, potassium and quickly assimilated special activators. These elements can contribute to the plants maturity, the quality of fruits and flowers and the buildup of sugars, starch and essential oils
  • Allows the production of the necessary energy to quickly initiate and maintain a spectacular early flowering
  • The present carbonates prevent a sudden drop in pH at the beginning of flowering (7-10 days)
  • Activate the flowering for denser, wider and heavier flowers and fruits

Nutri-Plus Blossom Plus – Liquid formula 0-4-2

  • Shake well before using.
  • Use 2.5 ml of Nutri Plus Blossom Plus Liquid per liter of nutrient solution.

When you use Nutri-Plus Blossom Plus Liquid:

  • Blossom+ is highly concentrated, so please respect the dosage.
  • Don’t use any other mineral blooming supplement at the same time of Blossom+.
  • An excessive use can exhaust plants and create the opposite effect.

Available Sizes: 20 g or 300 g.

Nutri Plus Blossom Plus PRO Feed Chart


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