Nutri Plus Pure Ocean Seaweed 500 ml



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Nutri Plus Pure Ocean Seaweed 500 ml

Nutri Plus Pure Ocean Seaweed 500 ml is compatible with all mineral or organic fertilizers.

  • Naturally contains over 60 macro and chelated micro elements and amino acids
  • Contains natural growth hormones (auxins, cytokinins and gibberellic acid) and vitamins (A, C, F, B-12)
  • Improves soil bioactivity
  • Improves soil water retention
  • Enhances rapid root development
  • Makes the plant stronger and resilient to adverse conditions

USDA Certified Organic Seaweed based plant tonic:

  • Promotes early flowering, stronger crops, and increased sugar content!
  • Contains powerful natural plant hormones that encourage chlorophyll production, germination of seeds and the growth of roots.
  • Includes complex carbohydrates that fuel the growth of beneficial microbes and fungi – increasing nutrient availability and absorption as well as defending your garden against soil-based diseases.
  • Packed with luxury amounts of iron – Pure Ocean Seaweed adds iron to your grow media, so plants that like iron will thrive.
  • Counters the effects of “transplant shock” whenever you uproot and replant.
  • Increases the thickness of plant cell-walls, creating stronger plants with greater structural integrity, pest resistance and frost endurance.
  • Use it on cuttings, to help them establish themselves more quickly.

Nutri Plus Pro Feed Chart

Nutri Plus Pure Ocean Seaweed 500 ml contains over 60 naturally occurring macro and micro elements; extensive amino acid compounds; Vitamins A,C,F, B-12; Gibberellic acid, Auxins and Cytokinins.

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