Nutri Plus Neem Oil 1 Liter


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Nutri Plus Neem Oil 1 Liter

Neem, also known as chinaberry tree, grows in the subtropical countries of Asia and Africa where it is recognized for centuries for its therapeutic effects.

In foliar application, Neem Oil gives shine to the leaves by enhancing and maintaining their appearance.


5 ml per liter of warm water with wetting agent. Shake solution thoroughly and regularly, and apply to the whole plant as well as the top of the soil / soiless media. Avoid spraying in high temperatures, and under lit HID lamps. For best results, apply at the beginning of the night cycle, shortly after lamps have been turned off. Avoid overuse. Neem Oil in excessive doses can damage your plants leaves and flowers.

Recommended Wetting Agent

BioGlue @ 1-2ml/L, or gentle dish soap @ 10ml/L.

Application Rate

Every 7-10 days. Begin Neem Oil application 5 days after transplanting when new growth has begun. Continue application until the 3rd week of the flower stage. After this time, it is recommended to only spray water.


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