Nutrifield Flavor Savior 1 L



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Nutrifield Flavor Savior 1 Liter

Nutrifield Flavor Savior™ is derived from fish proteins, high analysis kelp, polysaccharides, liquid vermicast, humic and fulvic acids. The structural polysaccharides have the ability to improve the cell structure of the plant, making it stronger and able to support more weight. Flavor is directly impacted by the various non-protein amino acids which are precursors to the volatile flavor compounds.

The enzymes stimulated by Flavor Savior™ generate the reaction that creates flavor. Get stronger plants with bigger and better tasting fruits and flowers with Flavor Savior™.

Nutrifield Flavor Savior™ is a unique natural blend specifically formulated to stimulate spontaneous plant growth. An exceptional combination containing the best of the ocean and earth, Flavor Savior™ helps enzymes participate in cell metabolism and also contains phyto-stress relievers which allow plants to concentrate their energy on accelerated growth.

Flavor Savior™ helps activate and stimulate enzymes that promote improved growth, amplify carbohydrate production (brix levels), improve cell metabolism, reduce fruit rot and are ideal to relieve stress affected plants. Your plants are supplied with what they need for outstanding floral development ensuring robust flowers free of abnormalities.

Flavor Savior™ enhances the plants flowering response by increasing the rate of photosynthesis which in turn promotes greater brix level production leading to steady flower development. Plants will produce incredible aromas, colors, & flavors resulting in better looking, better tasting and better smelling finished product.

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