TNB Naturals CO2 Monitor

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Product Description

TNB Naturals CO2 Monitor

The TNB Naturals CO2 Monitor is very easy to use to monitor CO2 Levels, Temperature, RH, Day and Time in your grow room!

TNB Naturals CO2 Monitor features:

  • Super large LCD simultaneously display and log Carbon Dioxide Level, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Calendar (Y/M/D) and Time (Clock)
  • Data logging memory
  • Stable NDIR sensor for Carbon Dioxide concentration
  • NDIR(Non-Dispersive Infrared) WAVE GUIDE TECHNOLOGY WITH ABC (Automatic back-ground Calibration)
  • High and low threshold setting
  • Back-light function
  • Recall Max and Min reading
  • Long time drift compensation
  • Comes with power adapter


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