TNB Naturals the Enhancer CO2 Canister


-The safest way to add CO2 to your grow space!
-Up to 1200 ppm for a 12 x 12 x 12 grow space!
-Life span of 2+ weeks
-Watch your yields go crazy!

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TNB Naturals the Enhancer CO2 Canister

TNB Naturals the Enhancer is one of the newest, most popular products in the hydroponics industry!

The Enhancer is made from 100% organic all-natural ingredients to create a convenient source of CO2 for your grow space! When you activate the Enhancer, it will give you enough CO2 to reach levels of up to 1200 ppm for a 12 x 12 x 12 grow space. It is the safest way to flood your grow room with the precious CO2 your plants love and need on a regular basis.


Using the Enhancer is very easy! All you have to do is add a liter of warm warm water and shake! More specifically though, you remove the cap, add a liter of warm water, put the cap back on, cover the small hole on the cap with your thumb and then shake vigorously. That’s it! We recommend shaking the Enhancer every day or every other day to keep the CO2 flowing and your plants happy. The Enhancer will last for 2 weeks and after that, you can buy one of their convenient refill packs and start the process over again! Even though the life span of the Enhancer is 2 weeks, it will continue producing CO2 after that as well so if you have 2 canisters instead of a refill pack, leave the first canister in your grow room because it will still be dispersing CO2 after the 2 week life span.

Grab a TNB Naturals Enhancer Refill Pack and reuse your Enhancer bottles and save money!

Benefits of Using the TNB Naturals the Enhancer: All Natural, User Activated, Hit High PPM’s, Increase your yield, Safe and easy to use, CO2 for two weeks long, Slows CO2 Release at night and improve overall plant health.

Grab a bottle of TNB Naturals safe and unique CO2 bottle today and give your plants the CO2 to hit the highest yields possible!


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