Ushio HiLUX Gro Dual AMS-1000W MH and HPS


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Ushio HiLUX Gro – 1,000W Dual Core HPS / MH Hybrid

The Ultimate Full Spectrum HID Grow Lamp – The Ushio HiLUX Gro Dual HPS/MH 1000 watt Hybrid Bulb is made in Germany by an ISO9001 certified facility. These super high output lamps deliver maximized output in the red and blue spectral range.

  • Ultimate full spectrum grow lamp
  • Super HPS and Super MH burner cores in a single body construction
  • Covers entire photosynthesis spectrum
  • Achieve maximum vegetative growth and maximum flower yield!

It’s possible for convenient and energy saving single lamp operation throughout your plant’s growth cycle. High output MH and high output HPS burner cores enclosed in a single lamp body to achieve an enhanced full photosynthesis spectrum from a Single Light Source!

Color temperature: 2,800k
Initial lumens: 117,000
Life: 9,000 hours

Runs on a HPS ballast.

1 Year Warranty

Ushio HiLUX Gro Spec Sheet


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