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X Nutrients MX Clone Gel

X Nutrients MX Clone Gel is a breakthrough in rooting technology.  It’s a rooting gel that provides the necessary ingredients to generate roots from stem or leaf cuttings.  This unique gel seals the cutting and has antibacterial ingredients to prevent bacteria and fungus from entering the cutting.  MX Clone Gel is ultra strong and will save you cost in duplicating garden plants.  Its unique formulation will work for both softwood and semi-hardwood cuttings.  It will promote rapid and healthy growth for all types of plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Combining antifungal and antibacterial elements with the rooting hormone, Indole butyric acid, MX Clone Gel protects your cuttings by sealing them off from infection while promoting new root development. Indole butyric acid is a common rooting hormone found in many of the brands available at your local hydroponics store. What makes X Nutrients MX Clone Gel different are a number of key factors. First is its strength; MX Clone Gel is nearly twice as strong as the leading competitors gel on the market. Second is the price; not only is it almost twice as strong, but you get more for your money. Finally, our antibacterial and antifungal elements have gardeners singing this gel’s praises. We hear everyday how this product has reduced rooting time, and given gardeners 100% success rates with their cuttings.

General Usage:
Hydroponics or Soil/Coco/Other medium – Take cutting and dip into MX Clone Gel to the desired rooting depth. Place treated cutting into suitable rooting medium or propagator. Mist cuttings with water once or twice a day.


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