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Nutrient Notes: Organic Rescue Mist – Rapid Flower

When talking about Organic Rescue’s products, you first must talk about foliar feeding. First, like most folks that talk about foliar feeding, we must first look at the past…Organic Rescue Mist_Rapid Flower_32oz spray

If you foliar feed, the names Dr. H.B. Turkey and Dr. S.H. Wittwer may ring a bell. In the 1950’s, they used radioactive isotopes of known plant nutrients and ran a few experiments. They made some startling conclusions…

1. Foliar feeding provided approximately 95% nutrient uptake efficiency compared to only 10% from soil applications.

2. Plant nutrients moved at the rate of one foot per hour throughout all parts of the plant and could be found within the roots in less than an hour (depending on size of plant).

3. Foliar feeding stimulates nutrient uptake through the roots. After foliar feeding, the plants’ leaves generate more carbohydrates that will be transported to the roots and released as exudates. More exudates equals more microbial life which means more available nutrients.

4. Speed of absorption. The absorption from foliar feeding was determined to be immediate, much faster than standard root nutrition.

5. No nutrient lockout. When foliar feeding, you can get essential trace minerals into your plant when sudden fluctuations in pH may be preventing maximum absorption.

Fbottlesoliar Feeding is a great way to supplement any nutrient regiment you are currently using. Obvious questions are….Which foliar spray should I use? How often should I foliar feed? Will it actually help? I’ve heard foliar feeding is a waste of time from my brothers’ friends’ cousin, is that true?

Well, there’s a very simple answer for all of those questions and it is…Organic Rescue Mist. They make easy to use foliar sprays in durable aluminum bottles that have helped our plants since the day we decided to start foliar feeding again.

Organic Rescue Mist – Rapid Flower

One of the most important ingredients in Organic Rescue products is high quality fulvic acid. According to the manufacturer, they use “31% concentrated fulvic acid”, which is better quality than we’ve been able to find in any standalone fulvic product. That’s pretty awesome to start. As far as the “proprietary formula to ease your plants transition into flowering” I was assured it is “a combination of essential trace minerals that have been researched for decades in the commercial agriculture business to increase flowering quality and abundance.” With a WSDA organic certification, there’s no reason not to believe that this is a quality product made with the best ingredients nature has to offer. WSDA is the gold standard in organic certifications and they have a pretty rigorous registration process to get certified.

Fulvic Acid is nature’s most powerful organic chelator. Because of its small molecular size, it has the ability to increase efficiency in foliar feeding. It is easily absorbed through a plants’ stomata (and the entire plant, for that matter) and since it can ‘claw’ essential nutrients that may not be easily absorbed, those nutrients piggy back on fulvic acid into plants in a much more efficient way. Because it’s nature’s most powerful organic chelator, having it as an ingredient in a nutrient is a very good thing because it increases the efficiency and absorption of the essential trace minerals contained within Rapid Flower that are needed by plants during their transition stage. One other benefit, it won’t affect your pH so there are no worries about this important input variable when using Rapid Flower.

How to use Organic Rescue Mist – Rapid Flower?Organic Rescue - Rapid Flower Logo

The best part of Organic Rescue Mist is the Ready-To-Use aluminum bottle. It’s made of durable aluminum and can last forever in a grow room. The sprayer is solid and works just fine (we’ve been using the same bottle for 8 months with no issues). You only have to mist your plants 1-2 times a week during the last two weeks of veg and the first week of flowering. That’s it. Very simple instructions. A ready-to-use transition foliar spray for under $25 that will last you plenty of grow cycles sounds good to us. Furthermore, they make a concentrate that can be used in larger pump sprayers if you need to treat more plants. We love this bottle. It really looks great. Solid marketing from Organic Rescue with a fantastic looking product.

Benefits of Organic Rescue Rapid Flower…

ROrganic Rescue Product ineapid Flower is the perfect foliar for your plants transition stage. Grab a bottle of their Ready-To-Use foliar and you can begin misting your plants immediately. Not only will it provide your plants with essential trace minerals for your plants to explode into flower, but the high quality fulvic acid will also enhance the intake of whatever nutrient you are currently using. It is a win-win.

You may have a favorite nutrient line, but this should be your favorite foliar. No matter what nutrient line you’re using, grab a bottle and use this as a foliar supplement during the next transition stage for your plants. You will not regret it. We will be using it with every. single. grow. from here on out.

Spend 15 minutes foliar feeding your plants once and you will never stop. Once we started looking into the science behind it and having warehouse conversations about various radioactive isotope tests and foliar feeding we knew we were hooked! I don’t know why people knock foliar feeding because the science behind it is sound. Honestly, we were not big foliar feeders but the Rapid Flower changed our minds.

Other benefits of Rapid Flower…

1. Ease your plants transition from a vegetative to a flowering state

2. Increase amount of flowering sites and surface area of foliage

3. Helps plants in producing excess trichromes and sugars

4. Promotes tight nodes which produces thicker, denser flowers

5. Increases stem thickness for greater nutrient uptake

6. Decreases internodal stretching or spacing

We hope you give this product a try! We love it and highly recommend it. At under $25.00, you really can’t go wrong. Also, you have to love a company that uses the Big Lebowski when promoting their products (from their Facebook)….the Dude Abides!











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bloom seaweed

Seaweed Nutrients for Hydroponics

Seaweed NutrientsAlthough it is commonly recognized as fish-food or the black wrapping paper that keeps our sushi together in Japanese restaurants (personally I love seaweed salad…nomnomnom), seaweed is a magical renewable ocean resource. It is one of the world’s most important producers of oxygen, through photosynthesis, and it is overwhelmingly rich in iron, zinc, copper, manganese and boron, as well as more than 60 other macro and micro-nutrients. This rootless, free floating ocean plant contains all the wealth of nutrients from the sea as well as an abundance of powerful hormones that trigger massive plant growth and condition soil for maximum productivity. Seaweed has been used in conventional gardening for centuries; because of its highly malleable constitution, seaweed and seaweed extracts are now being incorporated into a wide range of liquid plant nutrients and additives for hydroponic gardening.

Seaweed Nutrients Provide Record Yields and Immediate Relief to Stressed Hydroponic PlantsBloom Seaweed

Long ago it was discovered that fresh seaweed required time to break down in the garden in order to release all the vitamins, minerals, organic acids and hormones that supercharge plant growth and vitality. By first composting and liquefying the seaweed extract, gardeners have discovered that a foliar spray of this extract can make the all the richness of seaweed immediately available to your plants. Studies conclusively show that generous doses of seaweed extract – through regular feeding or by foliar spray – can quickly reverse nutrient deficiencies, reduce the impact of environmental stress (frost and drought) while generating plant yield and vitality that is unobtainable with only conventional fertilizer.

Seaweed Nutrients bring all the Richness of the Ocean to Your Indoor Garden

The richness of seaweed stems from the fact that it floats on the surface of the ocean photosynthesizing sunlight all day, while absorbing nutrients from the sea. Since the ocean is a giant receptacle for runoff from the entire planet, it contains all known trace elements and minerals. As such, it contains over 60 recognized minerals and various plant hormones, but it is not a complete plant nutrient. Although it contains a good amount of nitrogen and potassium, it is known to be low in phosphorus – a macro-nutrient required for plant growth. As such, seaweed extracts have found a place in indoor gardening as an essential source of vital trace elements and hormones to be used in conjunction with a complete and balanced plant nutrient.

seaweed nutrientsEnhanced Hydroponic Plant Growth with Seaweed

In order to recognize the survival abilities of seaweed and the supernatural properties that it makes available to your plants, it is essential to observe that seaweed is constantly washed up by invincible ocean tides and eaten by fish. In order to survive seaweed must grow rapidly. Studies have shown that seaweed can grow up to a foot per day! The same growth hormones that enable this extraordinary growth in seaweed can increase the elongation and the speed of cellular division in plants.

When applied to the roots of plants, these hormones can trigger increased root mass as well as larger and faster plant growth. A recent university study in outdoor (soil-based) gardening concluded that crops treated with seaweed extract exhibited increased root growth (between 67% to 175% greater than untreated plants). Roots soaked in seaweed extract provided evidence of reduced transplant shock and studies on seedlings demonstrated faster rates of germination and greater survival rates. Further studies revealed that foliar spraying of seaweed extracts promoted earlier flowering and fruit set in addition to stronger and faster stem and leaf development.

Seaweed Conditions Soil and other Grow Media in Hydroponic Gardens

It was recently discovered that mannitol compounds in seaweed enable increased efficiency of nutrient absorption in soil and other media. Other studies revealed that seaweed enables speedy breakdown of sugars and carbohydrates while stimulating the growth of nitrogen-fixing beneficial bacteria. By promoting the development of these beneficial bacteria, seaweed is indirectly responsible for increased absorption of nitrogen and other nutrients.

Seaweed Nutrients increase the Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables and Fends off Pest in the Indoor Garden

The benefits of seaweed and seaweed extracts on conventional hydroponic gardens continue to multiply as every new study reveals another advantage of this miraculous resource. Current studies suggest that antitoxins in seaweed products (for indoor gardening) can have a powerful impact on common garden pests. It is reported that these powerful chemicals can repel certain insects, mildew and bacteria in much the same way it fends off bacteria and virus in the ocean.

Another university study determined that foliar seaweed extracts can increase the shell life of fruits and vegetables by preventing mold growth. Based on this and all the other compelling evidence, it is easy to conclude that any plant nutrition program that excludes seaweed supplements is surely incomplete.pure ocean seaweeds

Ok, now that you understand how important seaweed nutrients are for your garden, which nutrient is the best?

We carry Nutri-Plus Pure Ocean Seaweed Extracts, imported from Holland, and containing over 60 naturally occurring macro and micro elements; extensive amino acid compounds; Vitamins A,C,F, B-12; Gibberellic acid, Auxins and Cytokinins. It is also USDA and WSDA certified Organic. If you are not familiar with the Nutri-Plus line of nutrients, you’re missing out on a quality nutrient line that has been around for a long time providing excellent products at affordable prices. Low priced nutes do not mean lower quality! We can’t recommend Nutri-Plus products enough. We grow with them and love them! It’s a line that doesn’t get a lot of hype but they make a solid line of nutes that are easy to use and work really well!

We also recommend Bloom Seaweed Yellow Bottles! This is a super concentrated Seaweed extract (1ml/1L) that will surely be worth every liter. It is very popular and is a big seller for us!

If you made it to the end of this blog post, enjoy this coupon code for 15% off Seaweed Products from Web Hydroponics…”seaweed15“. Enter the code at check out to get 15% off any seaweed product from our site!

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fulvic acid

Fulvic Acid in Hydroponics

fulvic acid
Raw fulvic acid

To get some of the best tips for hydroponic and indoor growing, today’s modern farmers can actually take a good look at the soil used in traditional farming. Not everyone is familiar with the actual chemical ingredients of the rich, dark stuff; commonly called organic matter or humus in a high school textbook. A closer study of the nutrients in soil is often key to a better understanding of how to optimize your plant nutrient program and hydroponic system in order to maximize yield size and quality.

Nutri Plus Pure Gold 1 L
Pure gold is concentrated Fulvic Acid

What is Fulvic Acid and what can Humates do for your Plants?

Fulvic acid is one of several primary organic acids (classed as humates) that are the direct result of decomposition of organic matter – such as old leaves in your backyard. It is one of the essential elements that gives good soil its dark, loamy color. Additionally, Fulvic acid contains more than 70+ trace minerals (Carbon, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Iron to name a few), which is why it is considered one of the essential building blocks of life. Fulvic acid and other humates are part of a complex cocktail of organic acids and minerals that help plants digest the nutrients that you put into a hydroponic mix.  These elements work through a process called chelation, where they bond to nutrients and help them get absorbed more readily by plants, thus increasing nutrient uptake. Humates have also been known to help plants by acting as a facilitator in the process of photosynthesis. Scientists have found that fulvic acid increases energy production by plants in photosynthesis. But, as with many other aspects of hydroponic systems, the key is to know how to use fulvic acid effectively.

organic rescue mist rapid flower rtu
Organic Rescue makes RTU foliars

Fulvic Acid as a pH Buffer?

Fulvic acid can help your plants combat sudden fluctuations in pH. When treated with a regular diet of Fulvic acid, plants build up a greater resistance to pH fluctuations. It acts as a shock absorber because the nitrogen it contains is very slowly released. Also, the pH of fulvic acid is right around 4 but keep in mind, it is a very weak organic acid. Fulvic acid properly diluted does not affect the pH of water. It is an amphiprotic molecule, meaning it is a great free radical scavenger (anti-oxidant) that can accept or donate a proton where needed. This very handy bi-directionality allows fulvic acid to buffer pH and make cells less susceptible to wild pH fluctuation.

Combine Fulvic Acid with a Balanced and Complete Plant Nutrient Program

Because fulvic acid is an effective humate, it complements almost any robust hydroponic nutrient program. Think of Fulvic acid as a claw that grabs onto other minerals and takes them into a plants cells and roots. This claw ability of Fulvic Acid greatly increases nutrient absorption through a cell membrane, across the cytoplasm and directly to the nucleus of cells. Not only that, but once they are inside a plant cell, fulvic acids are catalysts that ensure cells get exactly the right amount of nutrients they need while chelating harmful toxins into a harmless form that plants will ignore. The bottom line is that humic and fulvic acid allow indoor growers to get the most of their balanced and complete plant nutrient program.

Nutri Plus Pure Black 4 L
Pure Black is concentrated Humic Acid

Some products that contain high quality Fulvic Acid are Organic Rescue Mist, Nutri Plus Pure Black, and Nutri Plus Pure Gold. You can get your Fulvic Acid fix with any of these great products available at

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