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TNB Naturals pH Down

TNB Naturals pH Down was created with all natural ingredients and contain no harmful chemicals. It is the safest way to raise and lower the pH of your nutrient solution or water. Simple and cost effective, their innovative, all natural formula is the most effective way to keep your pH levels in check.

Directions: Add a small amount to your water, mix thoroughly and check your pH levels.

The term PH refers to potential hydrogen-hydroxyl (PH) ion content of a solution. A PH value from 1 to 6.9 is considered acidic whereas a value from 7.1 to 14 is considered alkaline. The PH of 7 is considered neutral and that is the PH of water.

Maintenance of PH is imperative to your plant’s growth. If you fail to maintain the PH of the solution then your plants will lose some their ability to absorb some of the nutrients which are needed for their healthy growth. The level of PH requirement varies from plant to plant but generally, most of the plants grow well in an acidic solution. As the PH of the solution goes above 6.5, many nutrients and micronutrients precipitate out of the solution and stick to the walls of the reservoir. Plants only absorb nutrients that are dissolved in the solution and at a higher PH, they will fail to absorb the nutrients and suffer from multiple deficiencies.

TNB Naturals Up and Down provides growers with a user friendly and safe way to maintain appropriate pH levels for optimal plant growth.


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