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nutri plus nutrients the essentials

Nutri Plus Nutrients: The Essentials

Nutri-Plus Grow/Bloom: The most Concentrated Two-Part Hydroponic Plant Nutrient on the Market!

As an enthusiastic hydroponic gardener, it would be amazing if I could snap my fingers or wave a magic wand and create the most concentrated and well balanced plant nutrient program to feed my crops. This magic formula would contain the perfect balance of macro and micro nutrients; it would be rich in calcium and provide hundreds of essential minerals; all in a form that is super clean and pure – with RO water – in order to be easily absorbed by my plants. If this plant nutrient program could guarantee outstanding results at a minimum cost and was developed by a team of distinguished chemists and agronomists from Quebec, this formula would be known as Nutri-Plus.

Nutri-Plus is a Complete and Effective Hydroponic Plant Nutrition Program

Nutri-Plus is widely recognized as the most trusted hydroponic plant nutrient fertilizer in Eastern Canada for the past 20 years. This program includes a variety of unique and powerful foliar additives, the highest grade humic and fulvic acid available today and several super-charged bloom boosters in addition to the most concentrated, two-part, plant-specific recipe on the market. The team at Biofloral (North American distributors of Nutri-Plus) recommends using 4 ml per gallon of the Grow A and B and 8 ml per gallon of the Bloom A and B, but they caution that less is more and all new users should start with a lower dose until they get a feel for what Nutri-Plus can do for their plants. The base nutrients from Nutri-Plus are made from reverse osmosis water assuring a reliable and quality product. By respecting rigorous manufacturing standards, their fertilizers contain fewer contaminants than the competitive brands. It is a fertilizer without electroconductivity that is chlorine free. The formula used in Grow/Bloom by Nutri-Plus is rich in calcium and magnesium, which are necessary for the production of healthy roots, the enhancement of the immune system and the production of chlorophyll.

Start with Nutri-Plus Grow AB, Bloom AB, and Thrive


In addition to using the highly concentrated Nutri-Plus ABs as the foundation of your plant nutrient solution, the team of experts at Biofloral recommends use of 12 ml per gallon of Nutri-Plus Thrive (1-1-2) through all of grow and reduced dosages through early bloom. Thrive is an advanced plant nutrient with B1 vitamins and powerful high-quality seaweed extracts. This product is outstanding for reducing shock that is common in transplant of young cuttings from propagation to grow and it is essential in alleviating the plant stress that is inevitable in transition from grow to flower. The powerful seaweed extract in Thrive delivers a highly concentrated dose of rich deep-sea minerals, organic acids and hormones that work wonders on your crops. In conjunction with Nutri-Plus ABs complete and balanced formula, Thrive increases plant resistance to stress, stimulates root development and strengthens the plants immune system.

Nutri-Plus is as good as any nutrient line on the market. We’ve used it for a long time and love it. It’s been used by our friends in Eastern Canada for over 20 years. If you want a nutrient that’s been around for a while and kept a solid reputation for being effective and available at an affordable price, then the answer is Nutri-Plus. Big name brands equal big prices. Save your money and get big results using Nutri-Plus.

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coco coir

Coco Coir: The Ultimate Grow Media for Hydroponic Gardening

coco coirImagine a grow medium that can hold 8 to 9 times its own weight in water and holds 22% air while completely saturated; a natural, environmentally-friendly and completely renewable grow medium with a consistent pH of 6.0 – 6.7; a medium with strong anti-fungal properties that inhibit the presence of root-zone pathogens like pythium and phytopthora. Add to the list: lightweight, outstanding drainage, superb air porosity and excellent cation exchange capacity. Imagine that this 100% renewable resource is easily rehydrated, never shrinks or cracks and the top-layer always remains dry (thus discouraging the growth of fungal infections and fungus gnats.) No need to imagine – I am writing about Coco Coir: the ultimate grow media for hydroponic gardening.

Coco Coir is Replacing Peat and Rockwool as the ideal medium for Hydroponic GardeningCoco Coir

When a hydroponic grower is accustomed to achieving outstanding results growing with peat, Rockwool, or any effective soil-less medium, it is very difficult to convince them that there is something better. Despite this resistance, ever since the late 80’s innovative hydroponic growers have been catching on to the idea that the advantages of indoor growing with coco coir far outweigh the challenges involved. First of all, the outstanding porosity of this medium holds more than double the amount of air held by Rockwool. At only 10% air porosity, beginners using Rockwool run the risk of oversaturating the media and oxygen depriving plants in the root zone. This risk is minimized in coco because of its exceptional air retention ratio (22%).

Coco Coir Possesses Antifungal and Root Stimulant properties that are not available in any other Hydroponic Gardening Medium

Coco coirAside from its amazing air retention properties, coco coir possesses powerful antifungal and root-stimulant properties. These natural antifungal properties ensure that plants are resistant to many soil-borne diseases and pathogens such as pythium and phytopthora. Bearing in mind that coconuts can spend long periods of time floating in the ocean before landing on an island and developing into a full blown coconut tree; it is obvious that coconuts must have an incredibly tough physical resistance to salt, humidity, microbes and pathogens as well as the force of the ocean. These unique properties are available to you as a hydroponic grower when you learn to work with this miraculous medium.

In case you remain unconvinced, consider the fact that coco coir is an organic 100% renewable and environmentally friendly resource. The same cannot be said for peat or Rockwool.

If you need a proven nutrient regiment to use for the coco coir medium, we highly recommend Nutri-Plus Coco Plus Grow/Bloom. It is a nutrient-rich solution that helps users obtain high yields. It is user-friendly, doesn’t contain any residues and it is not harmful for the environment. Directly absorbable, it is a complete solution to obtain fantastic growing.

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