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nutri plus nutrients the essentials

Nutri Plus Nutrients: The Essentials

Nutri-Plus Grow/Bloom: The most Concentrated Two-Part Hydroponic Plant Nutrient on the Market! As an enthusiastic hydroponic gardener, it would be amazing if I could snap my fingers or wave a magic wand and create the most concentrated and well balanced plant nutrient program to feed my crops. This magic formula would contain the perfect balance […]

coco coir

Coco Coir: The Ultimate Grow Media for Hydroponic Gardening

Imagine a grow medium that can hold 8 to 9 times its own weight in water and holds 22% air while completely saturated; a natural, environmentally-friendly and completely renewable grow medium with a consistent pH of 6.0 – 6.7; a medium with strong anti-fungal properties that inhibit the presence of root-zone pathogens like pythium and […]