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cx hydroponics regenaroot

Nutrient Notes: CX Hydroponics Regenaroot

The above video is Mike Biggs, Agronomist at CX Hydroponics, explaining the benefits of Regenaroot. Plant roots are the foundation of a healthy plant and a high yield. Without a solid root system you will never maximize your plants’ potential. But of all the processes in your indoor grow room, the root systems are often the most overlooked because they’re not something you regularly see. Reasons such as this are why it’s crucial to use CX Hydroponics Regen-a-Root, a one-of-a-kind root stimulator and the best selling CX Hydroponics additive that has been on the market for 16 years.

CX Hydroponics Regen-a-rootRoot Care is Key…

A number of organisms can completely wreck your root system to the point where you don’t get a yield. Diseases like Pythium, Rhizoctonia and Phytophtora will feast on your plants root, changing the colors of your leaves as they begin to wilt. Even if your yield remains intact you might unknowingly have a subpar root system that will result in a mediocre yield. Regen-a-root is a root stimulator that will produce a root system that can easily support big yields in your indoor garden.

How Does Regenaroot Work?cx hydroponics regen-a-root

Regenaroot works by inducing the plant to produce its own hormones that will produce roots. It’s important to use Regenaroot through every stage in your indoor gardening grow because you’ll wind up with a massive root system that otherwise would have been impossible. Typically, during the bloom cycle, the plants stop growing roots. This slows the nutrient uptake and allows root disease to gain entry. If you use Regenaroot throughout the bloom cycle you’ll have plants that are healthy, vigorous and strong. While this will not guarantee a massive yield, you are guaranteed not to have a massive yield if you don’t treat your roots properly with Regenaroot.

History of Regenaroot

CX Hydroponics Regenaroot came on the market 16 years ago in response to problems growers were having in keeping their root systems healthy when plants were flowering. Developed by the CX Hydroponics Agronomist with 30 years of horticultural experience in production and consultation, it is the key to a healthy root system throughout your plants life cycle. It’s helped thousands of growers maintain healthy root systems on their plants. A healthy root system absorbs the maximum plant nutrients which allows for maximum growth. If you want to keep your roots growing and keep stop root disease from gaining entry, Regen-a-Root is the best value root stimulator on the market.

Regenaroot comes in 1 liter bottles, but it’s more cost efficient to purchase the 5 liter bottle for your indoor gardening needs. Regen-a-Root is non-biological, clean and a must have product for your indoor grow room.

Regenaroot is easily one of the best root stimulators we’ve ever used. We recommend using it as instructed, throughout the entire life of the plant to produce and maintain a healthy, disease-free root system.

-Web Hydroponics

bio balancer 2

CX Hydroponics Bio Balancer for Root Zone Health

Regardless of whether we are talking about conventional gardening with soil and sunshine or hydroponic and indoor gardening systems, bacteria in the root zone is an important consideration for a successful harvest. Some inexperienced hydroponic gardeners like to believe that their gardens are bacteria free (because they are not growing in dirt) and prefer not to consider the possibility that a pathogenic storm may be brewing beneath the surface. In this blog bost, we’ll discuss the importance of beneficial bacteria and one of our favorite products regarding this subject, CX Hydroponics Bio Balancer.

Pythium and Hydroponic Gardening

The old “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” way of thinking can be very costly in hydroponic gardening because: in garden devoid of bacteria, the first micro-organism to enter the root-zone can quickly dominate the environment. If those bacteria are pathogenic, a crop can be lost within several days. Pythium, one of the most common root zone pathogens, can attack and wipe-out the entire garden very quickly.

bio balancerBio Balancer Encourages the Growth of Native Beneficial Bacteria in Hydroponic Gardens

Bearing in mind that it is virtually impossible to keep a thriving hydroponic garden free of bacteria and micro-organisms, the team of agronomists and chemists at CX Hydroponics in Western Australia decided that the best approach was to work with the native micro-flora that develop in each garden and encourage the dominance of beneficial and symbiotic organisms. The result of this research is Bio Balancer.

The Team at CX Hydroponics was searching for the Ultimate Beneficial Bacteria

The horticultural experts at CX Hydroponics were initially very eager to find the ultimate micro-organism – good bacteria – that could be introduced into the grow media of any indoor-garden around the world. This “super bug” would be able to dominate the vacuum, neutralize bad bacteria and work symbiotically with plant roots to facilitate the absorption of nutrients. The findings were very convincing in the lab, but, out in the field or indoor garden, the results were very inconclusive.healthy roots

Overwhelming evidence pointed to the fact that foreign beneficial micro-organisms failed to perform in thriving gardens because they often conflicted with native micro-flora. Too much “noise” in the root zone often led to mixed results in studies and underperforming harvests. Stepping away from the search for the ultimate formula of beneficial bacteria, The CX Hydroponics team focused all attention on Bio-Balancer and creating the ultimate formula for feeding and encouraging the growth of beneficial native micro flora.

Bio Balancer is the Perfect Food for Beneficial Bacteria in Hydroponic Gardens

Bio Balancer is a synthetic compound that was developed to mimic the composition of the exudates of plants. As such, it is the ultimate food for beneficial bacteria. In using Bio Balancer, it is important to closely follow the dosage instructions because too much Bio Balancer can lead to an oversupply of bacteria that may over load the hydroponic reservoir and root zone. Clogged pipes are common in these cases.


Regen-a-Root,Wilt Guard and Bio-Balancer: The Three Amigos

On the other hand, the right dosage of Bio Balancer will ensure the right balance of beneficial micro flora in the root zone; beneficial bacteria will dominate the root zone and keep pathogenic micro-organisms at bay. It will ensure healthy roots, improved plant health and record breaking harvests. Since CX Hydroponics utilizes Fusion Nutrition technology , Bio Balancer is recommended for use with Regen-a-root and Wilt Guard by CX Hydroponics to create and maintain the perfect root zone for your plants. Fusion Nutrition is a suite of products that, when used as a system, produce synergies that generate that extra lift that increases production, improves quality and is guaranteed to outperform both conventional and organic competitors.

Here’s a video by the genius behind CX Hydroponics, Mike Biggs, explaining the importance of beneficial bacteria in a healthy root zone. We’ve met Mike at a few Maximum Yield Trade Shows and he is one of the nicest and smartest guys in the industry. He has a wealth of knowledge of hydroponics and agriculture and with it, created a great line of products in CX Hydroponics.

If you want a healthy root zone full of beneficial bacteria and the perfect food for those beneficial bacteria, then Bio Balancer is the perfect addition to your grow room.

-Web Hydroponics

CX Hydroponics Head Masta

CX Hydroponics Head Masta Higher Quality Yields

A high yield is important in indoor gardening, but you also want high quality no matter how much you yield. CX Hydroponics Head Masta can deliver that need. A high quality yield can be very elusive and when a yield is increased by mediocre products your plants will have higher water content, larger cells, thinner cell walls and lower desirable solids, diluting the quality of your plant and giving you a lower quality end product. Various environmental and physical ailments can reduce the quality of your grow. Many growers get high quality at the expense of high yields or vice versa and it’s uncommon to get both a high yield and high quality. Head Masta, the most popular and best-selling bloom booster and enhancer in the UK, can solve your problem and give you both.

head masta 5 literWhat is in CX Hydroponics Head Masta?

It contains essential organic acids, silicates, proteins and naturally occurring plant hormones for your indoor garden. Head Masta stimulates plants to produce more essential resins and oils and at the same time produce an increase in yield. Head Masta does not contain PGRs! It just works so well that people think it contains PGRs. In fact, Head Masta is an unregistered organic product. From what we hear, CX Hydroponics is planning on registering Head Masta as an organic product in 2017.

How does CX Hydroponics Head Masta work?

Head Masta increases the quality of your yield by stressing the plant to think it’s going to die. When a plant thinks its dying it throws its energy into production increasing resins and oils. Don’t worry, this is done slowly over time so your plant isn’t too stressed. You’ll want use Head Masta early in your indoor gardening process so it accumulates around the roots and causes the plant to go into a stress situation. You’ll notice an increased yield but you’ll really see a real difference in the quality of your yield.

How does Temperature Differential affect Head Masta?head masta 1 liter

Temperature differential is essential for a high quality yield. Night temperature should typically be 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit lower than your day temperature. If your indoor garden has the same temperature during the day (when the lights are on) and at night (when the lights are off), or night temperatures are higher than day temperatures, your quality will falter. Head Masta stimulates your plant so it overcomes this problem. It provides the balance that otherwise isn’t naturally occurring.

What should I know about CX Hydroponics Head Masta and my water?

If you’re a grower you should know that the right water balance is essential for your plants. While a water shortage is much dangerous than excess water, excess water upsets the plants internal osmotic balance which damages the quality of your end product. Head Masta can overcome this and restore the proper ratio of solids to water.

Here’s another video by CX Hydroponics explaining Head Masta…

Head Masta is one of the best selling supplements from the CX Hydroponics line, and that’s because the science behind it is sound and it works really well. No bells and whistles, just a quality bloom booster that will give you a noticeable difference. Bloom Enhancers are one of the most popular additives used by growers, and Head Masta definitely deserves a go on one of your plants in your next cycle.

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