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nutri-plus bloom enhancing

Nutri-Plus: Produce Maximum Yields with a Supercharged Fertilizer and Bloom Enhancer for Hydroponic Gardening

Nutri-Plus: Produce Maximum Yields with a Supercharged Fertilizer and Bloom Enhancer for Hydroponic Gardeningblossom 250 ml

Hydroponic gardening is advancing with new techniques and products to improve plant health, growth, and flowering. When looking to create a maximum harvest from your hydroponic plants, it is important to use a fertilizer program that will suit the types of plants that are grown. This program can help to increase flowering, resulting in an increase in plant production and overall profit.

Bud Plus Liquid Product LineNutri-Plus Bloom Enhancers Increase Flowering Sites per Stem on Your Hydroponic Plants

Scientists recommend a balanced fertilizer program like Nutri-Plus with rich bloom enhancers (Blossom Plus, Bud Plus and Final Drive) consisting of an abundance of potassium phosphate, potassium carbonate, potassium sulfate, and co-factors to trigger a better flowering response per stem on hydroponic plants. Blossom Plus, Bud Plus and Final Drive are recommended for use in early bloom, mid-bloom and in the final weeks of bloom to achieve an extraordinary harvest. Depending on the hydroponic system and the crop, your indoor garden could deliver an increase of up to 70% or more.

Promote Vigorous Flowering with Nutri-Plus Bud Plus

Nuti-Plus Bud Plus is a specially formulated mid-bloom plant stimulant that is designed to help increase and promote flowering in indoor gardening. This formulated bud stimulator combines the power of three types of potassium and a special blend of bloom-enhancing micro-nutrients which have been found to increase the number and size of flower sites per stem, giving you huge hydroponic harvests. This powerful fertilizer additive, triggers rapid flowering and shorter bloom cycles, resulting in a maximum number of harvests over a siFinal Drive Product Linengle year.

Nutri-Plus: Maximize Flower Production by Creating Reserves in Your Hydroponic Plants

Hydroponic garden plants, and most conventionally grown plants for that matter, are able to store potassium and phosphorus in their tissues and flowers. Their root systems are also able to store extra cytokinin plant hormones which help to boost floral production during the blooming cycle. This additional storing power allows your plants to have extra reserves to draw upon when needed to maximize the amount of floral structures and oil production.

Wblossom plushen Nutri-Plus Bud Plus is used in a hydroponic fertilizer program, it is able to create additional reserves of phosphorus and potassium to feed the production of essential oils and compounds when buds are ripening and swelling; causing increased results and a maximum harvest in a short time frame. To further profit from your crops, bloom phase-specific products such as Blossom Plus Powder, Blossom Plus Liquid and Final Drive can be used along with Nutri-Plus Bud Plus to enhance the growing and flowing.

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nutri-plus final drive

Nutri-Plus Final Drive: The Perfect Finisher!

Have you been looking for a product that gives your plants exactly what they want and need at the end of flowering? The perfect finisher that will give you high yields? Something that stacks up to the Monster Bloom and Overdrives of the world but isn’t as expensive? The answer is Nutri-Plus Final Drive. Nutri-Plus Final Drive is a mix of stones (NPK), essential vitamins and other organic compounds that plants want at the end of their flowering stage. It is the perfect formula for the perfect finish for your plants. Not only that, but it will keep your wallet full and your plants will love it!

Final Drive 10 L3 Essential Elements in Nutri-Plus Final Drive

Nutri-Plus Final Drive contains high levels of magnesium, which is crucial to facilitate the synthesis of amino acids and cellular proteins. Magnesium is also one of the most important elements when it comes to the production of chlorophyll. It is the engine room behind photosynthesis in plants. Without magnesium, chlorophyll is unable to capture light energy needed for photosynthesis to happen. It is also used by plants for the metabolism of carbs and stabilizing cell membranes.

Nutri-Plus Final Drive contains high levels of Vitamin C, which is important to increase the efficiency of the photosynthesis and allows the plants to better resist heat and light stress. It is known to be an antioxidant, which is what helps the plants deal with various environmental stresses, but it is also essential to plant growth, as they cannot grow without it. Vitamin C is the protection your plants need against any issues that could affect the all important end-of-flowering stage.Final Drive 1 L

Nutri-Plus Final Drive also contains the all-important Vitamin B. Vitamin B is essential for the improving the growth system of a plant, which results in stimulation of root development, formation of buds, flowering and fructification. Vitamin B supplements results in stronger plants which results in higher yields.

We recommend using Nutri-Plus Final Drive during the final phase of flowering, anywhere from weeks 5-7, for a 7 week bloom cycle and week 7 for a 10 week bloom cycle.

For more information on Nutri-Plus Final Drive, visit the manufacturers website here.

For more detailed information about the Nutri-Plus Final Drive feed schedule, check out this link.

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Carboload vs Carborator: Not All Hydroponic Plant Sugars Are Created Equal

If you’re a sugar junkie like me, you can’t go a couple hours without at least thinking about where that next sugar fix is coming from…will it be a Reese’s Cup from the gas station or a super ultra grande mocha latte from the Starbucks down the road? I am easy to please when it comes to sugary desserts or anything chocolate, but I know that not all sugar is the same. Some sugar comes from fruits, vegetables and grains. These life-giving, essential sugars provide a slow release of energy that keeps us going all day – not just a temporary energy spike for junkies like me. A healthy garden also benefits from sugar. With carbohydrate products like Carborator from Nutri-Plus and Carboload by Advanced Nutrients, plants and beneficial bacteria derive energy that triggers increased plant growth and record breaking harvests.

carboloadCarboload by Advanced Nutrients Established a Demand for Carbohydrates for Plants

In recognizing the huge advantages of complimenting any hydroponic garden fertilization program with sugar boosters, it is no mystery that innovative hydroponic plant nutrient manufacturers offer carbohydrate products for plants in their lines. One of the most widely recognized, classic carb products for plants, Carboload, comes from the very controversial plant nutrient manufacturer: Advanced Nutrients. This product earned lots of respect from the indoor gardening community, established the demand for carb products for plants and set a benchmark in quality. Despite the steep pricing and crazy marketing of Carboload, cutting edge growers were made aware that plant additives with high quality simple and complex carbohydrates could promote the development of beneficial bacteria and push plant growth to new levels.

Carborator by Nutri-Plus sets a new Benchmark in Sugar for Hydroponic Gardensnutri plus carborator product line

Building on the knowledge and success achieved by Carboload and other carbohydrates for hydroponic plants, the agronomists and chemists at Nutri-Plus developed a new benchmark in high quality carbohydrates for plants. Nutri-Plus Carborator is a high powered energy source for plants and microbiology that brings together a superior blend of monosaccharide sugars to improve plant health and quality while increasing crop yield. By combining the highest grade of glucose, maltose and xylose, the team at Nutri-Plus produced a plant growth additive that uniquely benefits plants during all stages of growth.

Nutri-Plus Carborator has the Highest Percentage of Xylose then Carboload

All plants benefit from carbohydrate supplements, but not all sugar supplements generate equal results. Nutri-Plus Carborator is not a byproduct of cane sugar or molasses. It is uniquely high in Xylose; a rare, expensive and powerful wood sugar, known to encourage growth of plant tissues. Because of its unique chemical composition and origin, the Xylose in Carborator is ideal for building up plant energy reserves throughout the entire growth and bloom cycles while delivering critical energy boosts in late bloom; when plant carb production has stopped and plants rely exclusively on carbohydrate reserves.

The verdict is in…if you want to save money and get even better results compared to a big name brand, you can’t go wrong with Nutri-Plus Carborator. Looking at the ingredients and price alone should make it worth a purchase, so we recommend you give it a try in your next cycle.

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hyrdoponic systems

Advanced Hydroponic Systems and Modern Grow Room Equipment

plantThese days, it seems like hydroponics projects are everywhere. From innovative large-scale, greenhouse gardening to classic residential grow rooms in home basements or grow tents in the guest bedroom; many gardeners and hobbyists are pursuing window farming, hanging gardens and other types of hydroponic gardening. But, it’s not clear to everyone just why this new kind of gardening is so beneficial. Here are some of the major advantages of hydroponics that are causing this industry to take off so quickly.

Advanced Hydroponic Systems provide Complete Control of the Grow Room

In many respects, hydroponic gardening is the consummation of modern science in agriculture. Hydroponics doesn’t just save us from the labor involved in “plowing the fields”; it provides a technology for complete control of sunlight, temperature, humidity, CO2, water and nutrient delivery, and pest control (to a certain extent). Systems such as ebb and flow, deep water culture and NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) generate outstanding crop yields with equipment that delivers complete climate control as well as water and fertilizer management. Modern climate controllers can run customized day and night schedules that automate your hydroponic lights, ventilation systems, CO2 burners, and grow room air conditioning units. Meanwhile, cutting edge cycle timers control the delivery of plant nutrients and water at precise intervals. Parameters can be programmed to handle grow room temperature, humidity and other variables. Modern green thumbs who learn to use advanced hydroponic systems and equipment get hooked on the fact that they have complete control of the grow environment for their plants and they can deliver consistent, impressive yields, all year round, with minimal investment in time and labor.

Hydroponic Gardening and Better Plantshydroponic system

In many cases, advanced hydroponic nutrient programs and techniques lead to healthier and more vibrant plants. Some of the latest research in horticulture and food production shows that advanced hydroponic plant nutrient programs and systems have evolved to the point that gardeners can provide the optimal mix of macro and micro nutrients, in doses that consistently produce record-breaking crops, from their smart phones! By contrast, many traditional farmers are still plagued by natural environmental phenomena that cause stunted plant growth or otherwise interfere with optimal plant development and yield.

deep water cultureHydroponic Indoor Gardening Eliminates Seasons and Allows for Growing All Year Round

Another obvious advantage of hydroponics is that farmers can grow all year round. Forget seasons and weather conditions, indoor gardeners can decide when to grow and when to bloom. Spring sunlight is available (on-tap) any time of year and many growers pack in 5 to 6 harvests a year.

If you are pondering the best ways to grow your favorite fruits and vegetables take a closer look at how modern hydroponics can deliver growth and gardens that consistently exceed all your expectations. Traditional outdoor gardening is fun, but exhausting and unpredictable. Indoor hydroponic gardening is the only way to grow for results.

Get growing!

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