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trimpro automatik

Trimpro Rotor vs Trimpro Automatik

Should you get a Trimpro Automatik, Trimpro Rotor or some other automatic trimmer? What to do? Harvesting time is around the corner and it is finally dawning on you that you lack the man power and the will power to trim your harvest by hand. If you are like most of us, at this point you scramble for information – you scan the web with determination and ask around for the best solution in mechanical trimming equipment.

First things first, check out this Pro Video for the Trimpro Rotor to get a feel of how powerful yet gentle this automatic trimmer is…

Now here’s a Pro Video for the Trimpro Automatik

Why a Trimpro Trimmer?

You need a trimmer that will surgically remove all excess leaves and twigs without damaging your valuable flowers or buds. As you discover that there is a huge variety of hydroponic trimming equipment available on the market, your next move is to figure out the processing power you require and cross-check it with your budget. Figure in your research, advice from friends, tips from your local hydro store and pointers from all the self-proclaimed indoor gardening experts online – like me – and now you are thoroughly confused…

Trimpro is the obvious choice for Automatic Trimmers…Trimpro Rotor

Let’s clear the fog. When in doubt about hydroponic trimming equipment you must go with the most trusted, reliable and highly recognized trimming machines on the market; Of course I am talking about Trimpro. Trimpro Trimming Machines such as the Trimpro Original, the Trimbox, the Trimpro Automatik, the Trimpro Rotor and the Trimpro XL offer a variety of features and benefits all wrapped up in a state-of-the-art design with unparalleled reliability. They are the most trusted bud trimmers on the market and are considered the industry standard for clean, gentle, precise trimming.

This brings us to our next Question, which Trimpro Trimmer should you choose?

Now that we are clear that Trimpro is our answer, we can proceed with a few more questions. The following questions were posed by Jason- a hydroponic grower from Michigan: “Hi I’m interested in two of your trimmers; the Trimpro Rotor and the Trimpro Automatik. The price difference is not a big factor for me.” His main concerns were as follows: Which trimmer is the most precise and gentle on buds and flowers?

Trimpro Automatik

Which trimmer is the best for handling larger buds and greater volume? Which trimmer is fastest?? – Trimpro Rotor v Trimpro Automatik

With regard to flower trimming, precision and delicate treatment of flowers are one and the same. The Trimpro Automatik spins flowers around a powder-coated grill using airflow, while the Rotor works with leather fingers that rub and rotate the harvest against the grate. In both systems, Trimpro’s high caliber tempered-steel blades hoover below the grate and trim excess leaves as the buds align with the slots in the grate.

Some people prefer to have fingers to roll the flowers while others like using air pressure. There are no conclusive studies that prove one system to be gentler than the other. In terms of precision, both trimmers allow for variable blade height by merely loosening a few screws on the blade hub. All kinds of fine-tuning is available – all just a question of personal preference.

For large flowers it is recommended to use a Trimpro Original and trim the flower by hand. (Nobody wants to cut down a foot-long flower just to fit it into a trimmer.) On the other hand, smaller and medium size flowers easily fit into the Trimpro Automatik and the Rotor for speedy and precision trimming. When it comes to speed of processing, the Trimpro Automatik delivers results significantly faster. In fact the Rotor has about ½ to ¾ the processing abilities of the Trimpro Automatik in equal time.

Trimpro Rotor with Workstation
The new TRIMPRO ROTOR has been designed and developed at the request of end users who are looking for yet another gentle and efficient Trimpro quality product.

As you can probably tell, Trimpro makes a trimmer for every possible bud trimming situation. It’s time to stop wasting energy, money, time and  your fingers and get an automatic trimmer. When these machines are used properly and well taken care of, we haven’t seen anything that cuts through volume at such a high rate. We love them!

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Trimpro Unplugged

Trimpro Unplugged Flower Trimmer – The Industry Standard

Trimpro Unplugged
A look inside the Trimpro Unplugged

Keeping with our plant trimming/harvesting theme as that moment in most of grow cycles is quickly approaching, we wanted to highlight our favorite manual flower trimmer, The Trimpro Unplugged.

The word Trimpro has always been synonymous with quality and excellence in electric flower trimming equipment for the hydroponic market place. Trimpro brought us the classic Trimbox and Trimpro Original for growers who like full manual control in trimming their harvest with an electric flower trimmer. Trimpro also delivered the high-powered Trimpro Automatik with its ground-breaking 3-phase motor, 4-part tempered steel blade and a built in speed controller (dimmer). For commercial growers with monster-size harvests and substantial spending power, Trimpro produced the XL. Their latest creation masterpiece, The Trimpro Unplugged emphatically delivers an effective, efficient, solid, sturdy and esthetically beautiful hand-crank flower trimmer that is sure to become an instant favorite.

Trimpro Unplugged Blade and Grate
Trimpro Unplugged Blade and Grate

Benefits of using a Trimpro Electric Flower Trimmer on your Garden

It is widely understood that a reliable electric flower trimmer can dramatically cut down time required to effectively trim your crops. With a reliable electric trimmer, one person can prepare an entire harvest in less time and with equal precision to what use to be a full weekend of work with a small army of friends equipped with trimming scissors. By eliminating the need for extra pairs of hands (and all the personalities and dramas involved) a reliable trimmer can also minimize costs and risks. As an added bonus, trimming with high quality equipment, like the Trimpro Automatik, maximum safety is ensured along with high trimming precision.

Benefits of Trimming your Hydroponic Harvest with the Trimpro Unplugged Flower Trimmer

The Trimpro Unplugged does not have the processing power of its electric counterparts, but it is a HUGE step up from trimming with scissors. The big advantage is the fact that it does not rely on electricity or any other form of external power. This means that smaller harvests can be handled in a very effective and efficient manner with a few turns of a crank. With the Trimpro Unplugged, harvests can be trimmed in even the most remote locations- far from the electrical grid.

Trimpro Unplugged
The Trimpro Unplugged is a quiet, go-anywhere trimmer high quality hand powered trimmer for buds and plants.

The Trimpro Unplugged Flower Trimmer is the Most Silent Flower Trimmer in the Line

Another great feature is the fact that the Trimpro Unplugged is the most silent trimmer available in the line. This means that the new Unplugged is equally useful in a remote wilderness location or sitting in-front of the TV in your living room. Similar to the Rotor, this trimmer works with a system of leather fingers that gently move flowers across the powder-coated grill, a fraction of an inch above the spinning razor-sharp, tempered-steel blade below. The speed of the blade is controlled by your preference and determination. The end-results are just what you would expect from the good folks at Trimpro!

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