rapid flower

Nutrient Notes: Organic Rescue Mist – Rapid Flower

When talking about Organic Rescue’s products, you first must talk about foliar feeding. First, like most folks that talk about foliar feeding, we must first look at the past… If you foliar feed, the names Dr. H.B. Turkey and Dr. S.H. Wittwer may ring a bell. In the 1950’s, they used radioactive isotopes of known […]

one way to grow

One Way To Grow – A Complete Nutrient Line in One Small Bag

Growing plants in a soil-less environment requires a precise and complete offering of nutrients, additives, biostimulants, and other beneficial inputs for healthy plants and huge yields. With so many options available, it can be challenging to determine exactly what you need and when. What nutrient line makes the best potash additive? What bloom booster should […]

nutri-plus final drive

Nutri-Plus Final Drive: The Perfect Finisher!

Have you been looking for a product that gives your plants exactly what they want and need at the end of flowering? The perfect finisher that will give you high yields? Something that stacks up to the Monster Bloom and Overdrives of the world but isn’t as expensive? The answer is Nutri-Plus Final Drive. Nutri-Plus […]


Carboload vs Carborator: Not All Hydroponic Plant Sugars Are Created Equal

If you’re a sugar junkie like me, you can’t go a couple hours without at least thinking about where that next sugar fix is coming from…will it be a Reese’s Cup from the gas station or a super ultra grande mocha latte from the Starbucks down the road? I am easy to please when it […]

bloom - yellow bottle

Nutrient Notes: Bloom – Yellow Bottle – Ooze

Australian owned and operated Agriculture Organics is trying to make you think differently about how you feed your plants. Their goal is to ‘fuse science with nature to give you the most advanced floriculture feed system available.’ They focus on utilizing earth-friendly techniques and ingredients (mostly derived from plants, fungi, or the earth) using a […]

plant growing tips

Plant Growing Tips: Using Plant Growth Enhancers for Your Hydroponic Garden

Hydroponic gardening can prove difficult when it comes to accelerated plant growth and maximized yields. There are many different ways for a grower to increase their plant yields and harvest a healthier crop by use of a few simple plant growing tips. A high quality plant growth enhancer is just one of the many options […]

advanced nutes

Nutri-Plus vs Advanced Nutrients: Nutrient Comparison

Growers and legalization activists love them for their cavalier honesty. Plant nutrient wholesalers and other suppliers in the indoor gardening community envy their success and hate them for some of the negative attention they have brought to the industry. Hydroponics retailers and growers agree that they can be a disaster to deal with offering way […]

cx hydroponics regen-a-root

Nutrient Notes: CX Hydroponics Regen-a-Root

The above video is Mike Biggs, Agronomist at CX Hydroponics, explaining the benefits of Regen-a-Root. Plant roots are the foundation of a healthy plant and a high yield. Without a solid root system you will never maximize your plants’ potential. But of all the processes in your indoor grow room, the root systems are often […]

fulvic acid

Fulvic Acid and Foliar Feeding

Fulvic Acid is an essential element to all life on earth. Fulvic Acid is a part of the humic structure of rich, composting soil. It is created by microbes working on decaying matter in a soil environment. For this reason, it exists in all rich soils which have not been degraded through ill-advised farming methods […]