the beast

Limit Excessive Vertical Plant Growth of your Hydroponic Indoor Garden with The Beast

The distinct NPK reading of 6-6-6 alludes to something evil or the work of the devil, but the truth is that The Beast by Floracorp (the makers of Nutri-Plus) serves the critical function of limiting excessive vertical growth or elongation of your indoor hydroponic garden – and nothing more unholy than that. The Beast and […]


JrPonics Fish Garden: Simple Aquaponics and Hydroponics for Kids

If you are into hydroponics or indoor gardening, have a fascination with marine life and have kids in your life, then JrPonics was made just for you. JrPonics is the ultimate in micro-aquaponics systems customized into a child-friendly educational project for parents and kids. For all you hydro-people, it is the perfect Christmas present for […]

cx hydroponics mighty grow

Nutrient Notes: CX Hydroponics Mighty Grow

CX Hydroponics is a great company with a very brilliant scientist behind it, Mike Biggs. Check out his story here… What is CX Hydroponics Mighty Grow? CX Hydroponics Mighty Grow is an additive used for “boosting nitrogen levels and stimulating vigorous growth.” It’s used from week 1 of vegetative growth throughout week 1/2 of flowering […]

bloom yellow bottle final

Nutrient Notes: Bloom Yellow Bottle – Final

Bloom Yellow Bottles from Agricultural Organics are fantastic nutrients made from organic based ingredients, mostly derived from plants, fungi or the earth. Often thought of as being a ’boutique’ nutrient line, Bloom makes products that will take your plants and flower to the next level. While they may be expensive, in our minds, they are […]


Outdoor Fertilizers: Dagda – Lord of the Field

In most parts of the country, the warm weather is here or quickly approaching which means it’s time to start considering your outdoor gardening plans. There are plenty of variables to consider when gardening outdoors and one of the most important is which outdoor fertilizer you should use? We at Web Hydroponics recommend Dagaa: Lord […]

back to basics hydroponics

Back to Basics: Hydroponics and Indoor Gardening

So what does hydroponics mean anyway? Does hydroponic gardening imply more water consumption than traditional gardening? Is hydroponics only for the purpose of growing controversial crops? These and many other questions arise when uninformed people first consider the idea of indoor gardening and hydroponics. In simple terms, hydroponics is the growing of plants in a […]

rapid flower

Nutrient Notes: Organic Rescue Mist – Rapid Flower

When talking about Organic Rescue’s products, you first must talk about foliar feeding. First, like most folks that talk about foliar feeding, we must first look at the past… If you foliar feed, the names Dr. H.B. Turkey and Dr. S.H. Wittwer may ring a bell. In the 1950’s, they used radioactive isotopes of known […]

one way to grow

One Way To Grow – A Complete Nutrient Line in One Small Bag

Growing plants in a soil-less environment requires a precise and complete offering of nutrients, additives, biostimulants, and other beneficial inputs for healthy plants and huge yields. With so many options available, it can be challenging to determine exactly what you need and when. What nutrient line makes the best potash additive? What bloom booster should […]