XXXTractor Bags

Cold Water Extraction of Essential Oils with XXXtractor Bags and XXXtractor Wash Bags

So, you’ve managed to grow and harvest the most magnificent lavender plants on the planet. The fragrance is there for the taking, but how do you start? How do you most effectively extract those precious essential oils? Ruling out chemicals and other contaminants, your best bet is cold water extraction. With this simple process all […]

cx hydroponics

CX Hydroponics: Fusion Nutrition with Regen-A-Root, Wilt Guard, and Bio Balancer

In an industry where marketing is wildly sensational and product packaging is hydroponically super cool, some manufacturers have a seemingly limitless budget for promoting their plant nutrients and supplements. Some even produce their own glitzy magazines and host their own indoor gardening trade shows. It gets to the point where business becomes more about promotion […]

nutrilife sm-90

What is Nutrilife SM-90?

In accordance with feedback from experienced members of the indoor gardening community of North America, there are only a handful of popular gardening products that actually produce unique, significant and measurable results consistently. Some famous plant additives have achieved widespread recognition for inducing prolific root growth, while others are recognized as powerful mite-killing and root-disease-inhibiting […]

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Trimpro Plant Trimmers – What’s the Difference?

Harvest time is quickly approaching and if you’re tired of hiring a trimmer, or you’ve spending countless time cutting and trimming your plants, look no further than the full and complete line of Trimpro flower trimmers for all your future indoor gardening needs. Flower trimmers, also called leaf trimmers or trimming machines, have been on […]

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Nutrient Notes: Vegamatrix by Kyle Kushman

Kyle Kushman, famous cultivator and writer, has developed a veganic nutrient like no other in Vegamatrix. In this blog post, we’re going to explore what it’s all about. What is Veganics? Veganics is a natural way to grow plants without the use of any animal products. As we continue to pollute our Earth, the animals […]

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Grozone Control: Climate Controllers and Cycle Timers for Indoor Gardening

Good intentions and doing the right thing are often two very different approaches. This difference is most obvious in the arena of climate controllers and cycle timers for indoor gardening. With technology, we have the ability and the responsibility to control every element of a grow room to care for our plants. (Elements include: temperature, […]

sunblaster nanodome

SunBlaster Nanodome for Plant Propagation

What is the SunBlaster Nanodome? How can this help you increase your efficiency with Plant Propagation? The Nanodome…It sounds like something out of the new Mad Max movie or the name of a new sports stadium. For all of us in hydroponics, the obvious answer is: a vented plant propagation dome that incorporates SunBlaster T5HO […]

nutri-plus bloom enhancing

Nutri-Plus: Produce Maximum Yields with a Supercharged Fertilizer and Bloom Enhancer for Hydroponic Gardening

Nutri-Plus: Produce Maximum Yields with a Supercharged Fertilizer and Bloom Enhancer for Hydroponic Gardening Hydroponic gardening is advancing with new techniques and products to improve plant health, growth, and flowering. When looking to create a maximum harvest from your hydroponic plants, it is important to use a fertilizer program that will suit the types of […]

CX Hydroponics

CX Hydroponics: Over 40 Years of Experience in Plant Nutrition and Indoor Gardening

The story for Mike Biggs and CX Hydroponics began in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1973. As a young graduate of Horticulture Studies and Agronomy he started playing around with his first hydroponic plant growth system and a few reluctant tomato plants. Those tomato plants never amounted to much, but his curiosity and determination led him […]