Cure UV Germ Away UV Horticulture Sterilization Chamber


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Cure UV Germ Away UV Horticulture Sterilization Chamber

Horticulture UV Light Oven with Double Exposure for Rapid and thorough Sterilization

The GermAwayUV Horticulture Sterilization Chamber is the quickest and best way to eliminate any fungal parasitic growths from flowers, trimmings and end products from your garden. The system combines 2 high powered UV-C light sources and a 100% quartz plate shelf to effectively sandwich the flowers with cleansing light and eliminate any mildew as quickly as possible.
Botrytis cinerea, a.k.a. powdery mildew, storage rot, or grey mold, can wipe out an entire crop if not properly controlled. Like with any microbial parasite, there are a number of ways in which to fight the infection but most methods involve harsh fungicides that can damage your plants and cause harm to your customers.

Ultraviolet light is the only practical way to eradicate powdery mildew and other harmful microbes from your plants without using chemicals or other toxic agents.

There are three keys to successfully eliminating grey mold with The Cure UV Germ Away UV Horticulture Sterilization Chamber:

  • Wavelength: 253.7nm is the exact wavelength needed to completely denature the DNA and RNA in living microorganisms. The GermAwayUV Horticulture Sterilization Chamber has 16 high intensity UV-C bulbs that irradiate the specimen with exactly a 253.7 nm wavelength of light.
  • Intensity: Even small 10 watt UV-C bulbs will kill mold over time in theory but in order to do so effectively and in a short period of time, you need as many watts of UV-C light as possible. The GermAwayUV Chamber has over 800 total watts of UV-C killing power.
  • Exposure: UV-C treatments are extremely effective but you must be completely aware of any shadows or blockage. If you completely irradiate one side of a leaf, the mold will quickly grow back from the other side. Only 360 degree exposure is truly effective. The GermAwayUV Horticulture Chamber is the only system in the market that utilizes a 100% pure quartz plate shelf and irradiates the plants from both sides for optimum efficacy.

In addition to being specifically designed to eliminate harmful microbial parasites from plants, fruits, and flowers, this UV-C chamber is built so that it can be run 24 hours a day for years in a production environment. The core of the UV oven is based on our design for UV Lab Chambers that is present in top universities throughout the world.

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the US, you can be sure that your production will not be slowed down by faulty equipment.


  • Programmable Timer: Once you figure out how long you need to run the chamber to fully sterilize your specimens, you can simply program the chamber to that exact number of seconds and it will automatically stop. This means you do not need to sit there and baby sit the process or risk over or underexposing your plants. The programmable timer can be run from 1 second to over 2 hours in 1 second increments.
  • Removable Shelf: In many industries, the key to profitable production is having a repeatable, safe, and effective process that can run at optimum speeds. Our shelf is easily removable to speed up your process. You can even order additional shelves so that you can prepare the next shelf of product while the previous shelf is in the chamber.
  • Quartz Glass Shelf Insert: Because our atmosphere blocks nearly all of the sun’s rays within the UV-C spectrum, almost no organisms developed any sort of protection from it. This is what makes UV-C light such an effective cleansing agent. Unfortunately, this does not apply to inorganic matter. Most materials block a large percentage of UV-C. A light cloth, plastic, even standard glass blocks enough to attenuate the effectiveness of the rays. The shelf we use is 100% quartz plate, the only material that allows over 99.9% of UV-C light to pass through.
  • Safety Glass: A common annoyance with UV equipment is that you must use personal protection equipment at all times. The benefit of this system is that it uses fully UV-safe glass so that you can see what is in the chamber without risking any damage to your eyes or skin. Of course, we always recommend wearing appropriate long sleeves and eye protection when working in any lab, shop, or greenhouse as per OSHA standards.
  • Auto Stop Function: If for whatever reason, you decide that you want to open the chamber in the middle of a cycle, you are not at risk of UV-C exposure. As soon as the door is opened, the chamber will automatically shut off the lights.


  • UV Coverage Area: 15″ x 19″
  • Shelf Area: 208 inches squared.
  • Watt: 800 wattage power
  • Input Power Requirements: 110V-60Hz or 220V-50Hz
  • Made in the USA


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