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plant growing tips

Plant Growth Enhancers for Your Indoor Garden

Hydroponic gardening can prove difficult when it comes to accelerated plant growth and maximized yields. There are many different ways for a grower to increase their plant yields and harvest a healthier crop by use of a few simple plant growing tips. A high quality plant growth enhancer is just one of the many options […]

cx hydroponics regenaroot

Nutrient Notes: CX Hydroponics Regenaroot

The above video is Mike Biggs, Agronomist at CX Hydroponics, explaining the benefits of Regenaroot. Plant roots are the foundation of a healthy plant and a high yield. Without a solid root system you will never maximize your plants’ potential. But of all the processes in your indoor grow room, the root systems are often […]

nutri plus nutrients the essentials

Nutri Plus Nutrients: The Essentials

Nutri-Plus Grow/Bloom: The most Concentrated Two-Part Hydroponic Plant Nutrient on the Market! As an enthusiastic hydroponic gardener, it would be amazing if I could snap my fingers or wave a magic wand and create the most concentrated and well balanced plant nutrient program to feed my crops. This magic formula would contain the perfect balance […]

CX Hydroponics Head Masta

CX Hydroponics Head Masta Higher Quality Yields

A high yield is important in indoor gardening, but you also want high quality no matter how much you yield. CX Hydroponics Head Masta can deliver that need. A high quality yield can be very elusive and when a yield is increased by mediocre products your plants will have higher water content, larger cells, thinner […]

bloom seaweed

Seaweed Nutrients for Hydroponics

Although it is commonly recognized as fish-food or the black wrapping paper that keeps our sushi together in Japanese restaurants (personally I love seaweed salad…nomnomnom), seaweed is a magical renewable ocean resource. It is one of the world’s most important producers of oxygen, through photosynthesis, and it is overwhelmingly rich in iron, zinc, copper, manganese […]

grozone blog

Only Trust Grozone CO2 Generators and Climate Controllers for Indoor Gardening

Don’t get me wrong, I love saving money on inexpensive products, but there are too many variables in indoor gardening to take chances with cheap, unreliable products; it’s not the right way to become a successful indoor grower. With this in mind, it doesn’t matter whether I’m dealing with odor control, climate control or water […]

back to basics hydroponics

Back to Basics: Hydroponics and Indoor Gardening

So what does hydroponics mean anyway? Does hydroponic gardening imply more water consumption than traditional gardening? Is hydroponics only for the purpose of growing controversial crops? These and many other questions arise when uninformed people first consider the idea of indoor gardening and hydroponics. In simple terms, hydroponics is the growing of plants in a […]


One of the Best PH Meter and PPM Meters Available: Nutradip!

Beginners in Hydroponic gardening tend to make the common mistake of underestimating the accuracy, reliability and high quality in pH meters and nutrient meters. Many growers warn of the dangers of unchecked acidity levels and unbalanced nutrient concentrations that can lead to plant nutrient deficiencies. These plant nutrient deficiencies generally result in a weakened immune […]

hps v mh header

High Pressure Sodium vs. Metal Halide: Plant Lighting Uncovered!

Hydroponic gardening is a method of indoor growing that requires the right combination of techniques and equipment to increase growth rate and maximize crop yield for a larger harvest. Adequate plant lighting is one of the most critical elements to consider for maximum plant growth and healthy indoor gardens. In hydroponic gardening there are a […]

hyrdoponic systems

Advanced Hydroponic Systems and Modern Grow Room Equipment

These days, it seems like hydroponics projects are everywhere. From innovative large-scale, greenhouse gardening to classic residential grow rooms in home basements or grow tents in the guest bedroom; many gardeners and hobbyists are pursuing window farming, hanging gardens and other types of hydroponic gardening. But, it’s not clear to everyone just why this new […]