growers love hygrozyme

Why Every Grower Should be Using Hygrozyme!

It seems that most hydroponic growers are unanimously enthusiastic about the results they are getting from growing indoors with Hygrozyme. However, when asked what this bacteria-free enzyme does for their plants, even the most knowledgeable and experienced growers struggle with a vague explanation of enzymes and what they do for their plants their plant growth […]

reverse osmosis water

Reverse Osmosis Water and pH Monitoring Tips

“Don’t fill-up on junk food because we’re having dinner soon.” This is one of those multi-cultural and multi-generational expressions we’ve all heard at some stage in our lives. If I could interpret this age old wisdom into solid advice for my hydroponic plants, the translation would be: use pure reverse osmosis water in your reservoir […]

cx hydroponics regenaroot

Nutrient Notes: CX Hydroponics Regenaroot

The above video is Mike Biggs, Agronomist at CX Hydroponics, explaining the benefits of Regenaroot. Plant roots are the foundation of a healthy plant and a high yield. Without a solid root system you will never maximize your plants’ potential. But of all the processes in your indoor grow room, the root systems are often […]

nutri plus nutrients the essentials

Nutri Plus Nutrients: The Essentials

Nutri-Plus Grow/Bloom: The most Concentrated Two-Part Hydroponic Plant Nutrient on the Market! As an enthusiastic hydroponic gardener, it would be amazing if I could snap my fingers or wave a magic wand and create the most concentrated and well balanced plant nutrient program to feed my crops. This magic formula would contain the perfect balance […]

bio balancer 2

CX Hydroponics Bio Balancer for Root Zone Health

Regardless of whether we are talking about conventional gardening with soil and sunshine or hydroponic and indoor gardening systems, bacteria in the root zone is an important consideration for a successful harvest. Some inexperienced hydroponic gardeners like to believe that their gardens are bacteria free (because they are not growing in dirt) and prefer not […]

bud plus header 2

Bud Plus is the Perfect Additive for Huge Yields!

In Eastern Canada and all over North America, knowledgeable and experienced growers are using Nutri Plus Bud Plus as a powerful hydroponic bloom booster to get the most out of their plants during flowering. Manufactured by Floracorp in Canada, Bud Plus is the primary mid-bloom additive in the Nutri Plus lineup of premium hydroponic plant […]

Frost Bags and Dry Ice Extraction

Frost Bags and Dry Ice Extraction

Cold Water Extraction has long been considered the most popular and reliable method for extracting valuable plant resin and essential oils from harvested plant material. It has always been chosen as the fast and easy way for resin extraction because it requires only a bucket, some filtration bags, some ice water and something to stir. […]

bloom final yellow bottles review

Bloom Final Yellow Bottles Review

In the Bloom Final Yellow Bottles review we’ll discuss what makes this such a unique additive that every grower should have! Bloom Yellow Bottles from Agricultural Organics are fantastic nutrients made from organic based ingredients, mostly derived from plants, fungi or the earth. Often thought of as being a ’boutique’ nutrient line, Bloom makes products […]

CX Hydroponics Head Masta

CX Hydroponics Head Masta Higher Quality Yields

A high yield is important in indoor gardening, but you also want high quality no matter how much you yield. CX Hydroponics Head Masta can deliver that need. A high quality yield can be very elusive and when a yield is increased by mediocre products your plants will have higher water content, larger cells, thinner […]