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nutri plus the beast

Nutri Plus the Beast and Stopping Vertical Growth

the beastThe distinct NPK reading of 6-6-6 alludes to something evil or the work of the devil, but the truth is that The Beast by Floracorp (the makers of Nutri-Plus) serves the critical function of limiting excessive vertical growth or elongation of your indoor hydroponic garden – and nothing more unholy than that. The Beast and similar growth regulating products are used in everything from golf courses and outdoor turf grass to conventional commercial agriculture and indoor plants. It seems counter intuitive to want to limit the growth of your plants if you are a grower who is aiming to sell your harvest, but, experienced growers know that yield, weight, and profit are in dense, tightly packed healthy plants, with maximum flowering sites in minimum space. From a horticultural point of view, it makes sense that longer plants require more time and energy to transfer vital minerals and energy throughout the plant.

How the Beast Works in Indoor Gardens

The Beast works by altering, restricting or inducing the production of common plant growth hormones and thus generating or halting plant growth. Most of these chemicals or variations of these growth inhibiting or inducing chemicals already exist in plants. The difference here is that we decide when plant growth should halt – not Mother Nature.

Why use The Beast in your Indoor Garden

Halting vertical plant growth at precisely the right time is essential for maximizing yield in most optimized indoor gardens. Plant growth hormones are present through-out the plant and produced in every cell. They can induce root growth, stem and leaf growth, and even the on-set of flowering and fruit production. Experienced indoor gardeners know that mastering control of these plant hormones can determine the success of the harvest.

The Beast: Flowering treatment for Regulating Plant Growththe beast 500

Limiting excessive elongation is critical in all commercial agriculture and especially important in indoor gardening when space and light are in limited supply. Limited space and light are especially significant factors in most hydroponic vertical gardens. As such, hydroponic gardeners tend grow plants that are suitable for the space and light conditions. They seek out strains that perform best in their indoor garden systems. In addition to seeking the right genetics, experienced indoor gardeners, leave nothing to chance and work with the most mild and non-toxic, yet effective, plant growth regulators they can find. That is what The Beast is all about.

The Beast by Nutri-Plus is a blend of fruit enzymes and mild chemicals that, when applied in bloom, dramatically reduce elongation and stretching. While keeping internode space tight, The Beast also supports the development of healthy and abundant flowering while hardening the stem of the plant. The Beast is a highly concentrated and easy to use product that indoor gardeners across North America have learned to trust. Available in 500 ml and 1 liter, The Beast has become known as the go to bloom treatment for vertical gardens and for commercial and hobby indoor gardening.

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advanced nutrients

Nutri Plus vs Advanced Nutrients Nutrient Comparison

Growers and legalization activists love them for their cavalier honesty. Plant nutrient wholesalers and other suppliers in the indoor gardening community envy their success and hate them for some of the negative attention they have brought to the industry. Hydroponics retailers and growers agree that they can be a disaster to deal with offering way too many products at outrageous prices. One thing is for sure: Advanced Nutrients has made its mark in the indoor gardening industry and controversy is not something they are afraid of.

Nutri Plus is the Friendly and Affordable Alternative to Advanced Nutrients

Also for sure: many Advanced Nutrient growers are looking for more affordable and consistent alternatives. Regardless of whether or not you love them or hate them, the recent changes is formula consistency, in addition to the recent changes in (or failure to honor) warranties has many convinced that it is time to look for other plant nutrients and additives to work with. In search for a friendlier alternative, many experienced growers are turning to Nutri Plus.

Nutri-Plus Grow Product LineWhy Nutri Plus instead of Advanced Nutrients?

Made with superior ingredients in one of the most clean, complete and concentrated two part plant nutrients on the market, Nutri Plus proves that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars and buy dozens of additives to produce large and healthy plants. Nutri Plus A & B Grow and Bloom quarts retail for $20.95! Yes – for the pair. (We’ve found Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom priced as high as $35.95 for the pair!)Nutri-Plus Start Product Line

Compare Advanced Nutrients and Nutri Plus Plant Growth Supplements

Apart from the super-concentration and unbeatable value of The Nutri Plus AB base nutrients, Nutri Plus offers a line-up of plant additives that optimize plant growth and quality at every stage of development. They appeal to Advanced Nutrient growers because there are a variety of products that can be directly compared to the AN alternative yet, they are more affordable with higher concentrations. These include: Start with Jump Start, Thrive with B52, Blossom Plus with Bud Blood, Bud Plus with Big Bud, Final Drive with Over Drive, Nutri Plus Clear with Final Phase and CM Plus with Sense CalMag. In the case of Advanced Nutrients H1 and F1, Nutri Plus has Pure Black and Pure Gold. One could say that they are comparable, but the difference in quality and concentration make Nutri Plus humic (20%) and fulvic (31%) acid infinitely superior and in a Nutri-Plus Final Drive Product Lineclass by themselves.

No matter what your view of Advanced Nutrients and the indoor gardening products they offer, it is certain that the Advanced Nutrients line is prohibitively expensive. Nutri Plus is an obvious alternative for growers who are familiar with Advanced Nutrients program. That aside, Nutri Plus is perfect for beginner and advanced growers because it guarantees consistent outstanding results at a minimum cost.

Save your money and get better results with Nutri Plus. To check out the Nutri Plus feed chart, click here!

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nutri plus nutrients the essentials

Nutri Plus Nutrients: The Essentials

Nutri-Plus Grow/Bloom: The most Concentrated Two-Part Hydroponic Plant Nutrient on the Market!

As an enthusiastic hydroponic gardener, it would be amazing if I could snap my fingers or wave a magic wand and create the most concentrated and well balanced plant nutrient program to feed my crops. This magic formula would contain the perfect balance of macro and micro nutrients; it would be rich in calcium and provide hundreds of essential minerals; all in a form that is super clean and pure – with RO water – in order to be easily absorbed by my plants. If this plant nutrient program could guarantee outstanding results at a minimum cost and was developed by a team of distinguished chemists and agronomists from Quebec, this formula would be known as Nutri-Plus.

Nutri-Plus is a Complete and Effective Hydroponic Plant Nutrition Program

Nutri-Plus is widely recognized as the most trusted hydroponic plant nutrient fertilizer in Eastern Canada for the past 20 years. This program includes a variety of unique and powerful foliar additives, the highest grade humic and fulvic acid available today and several super-charged bloom boosters in addition to the most concentrated, two-part, plant-specific recipe on the market. The team at Biofloral (North American distributors of Nutri-Plus) recommends using 4 ml per gallon of the Grow A and B and 8 ml per gallon of the Bloom A and B, but they caution that less is more and all new users should start with a lower dose until they get a feel for what Nutri-Plus can do for their plants. The base nutrients from Nutri-Plus are made from reverse osmosis water assuring a reliable and quality product. By respecting rigorous manufacturing standards, their fertilizers contain fewer contaminants than the competitive brands. It is a fertilizer without electroconductivity that is chlorine free. The formula used in Grow/Bloom by Nutri-Plus is rich in calcium and magnesium, which are necessary for the production of healthy roots, the enhancement of the immune system and the production of chlorophyll.

Start with Nutri-Plus Grow AB, Bloom AB, and Thrive


In addition to using the highly concentrated Nutri-Plus ABs as the foundation of your plant nutrient solution, the team of experts at Biofloral recommends use of 12 ml per gallon of Nutri-Plus Thrive (1-1-2) through all of grow and reduced dosages through early bloom. Thrive is an advanced plant nutrient with B1 vitamins and powerful high-quality seaweed extracts. This product is outstanding for reducing shock that is common in transplant of young cuttings from propagation to grow and it is essential in alleviating the plant stress that is inevitable in transition from grow to flower. The powerful seaweed extract in Thrive delivers a highly concentrated dose of rich deep-sea minerals, organic acids and hormones that work wonders on your crops. In conjunction with Nutri-Plus ABs complete and balanced formula, Thrive increases plant resistance to stress, stimulates root development and strengthens the plants immune system.

Nutri-Plus is as good as any nutrient line on the market. We’ve used it for a long time and love it. It’s been used by our friends in Eastern Canada for over 20 years. If you want a nutrient that’s been around for a while and kept a solid reputation for being effective and available at an affordable price, then the answer is Nutri-Plus. Big name brands equal big prices. Save your money and get big results using Nutri-Plus.

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nutri plus root plus blog

Root Plus Cloning Gel for Healthy Roots

clone roots
Healthy roots of a plant cutting

Cloning in hydroponics is a challenging task that even the most experienced growers can find confronting. It is a process where a cutting is taken from a mother plant and is re-planted to encourage new growth that features the same genetics as the original plant. This process can prove challenging when looking to grow a large yield of crops, although with unique plant cloning techniques it is now possible to increase successful stem growth using Root Plus Cloning Gel.

How Root Plus Cloning Gel Works

Root Plus is a specially formulated cloning gel that features a balanced combination of amino acids, growth hormones (IBA), an organic antiseptic, and B1 vitamins. Branded by Nutri-Plus and manufactured by Floracorp, it is designed to help heal the cut stem and accelerate root cell development. Specially made for softwood plants it provides the proper blend of nutrients required to not only increase plant health, but to decrease stress. This root gel is able to protect the stem from contamination with its organic antiseptic mixture, and can increase results when used in combination with Nutri-Plus Start.

Plant Cloning Techniques: #1 Caring For the Mother PlantNutri-Plus Root Plus 4 oz

To maximize the efficiency of the root gel and ensure success in your plant cloning technique, it is important to make sure your hydroponic system is properly maintained and all factors are taken into consideration. “When considering cloning”, it is important to make sure the mother plant is well taken care of before and after cutting. Proper nutrient supplements, lighting, and moisture can increase the mother plants’ health before the cutting process, thus increasing stem health and vitality of the cutting when the cloning begins. Try to avoid cutting from a sickly or weak mother plant as this will cause a decrease in the success rate of the cloning process. Making the leaves moist can also help to increase plant and stem growth. Simple spray bottles or a spraying system can help improve the conditions of your system, and help cuttings to take root within their new environment.

Plant Cloning Techniques: #2 Eliminating Stress

Stress is another main cause for failure during the cloning process. When a stem is cut from the mother plant it is already exposed to increased levels of stress. This stress can compound and cause complications with root growth resulting in stem death and cloning failure. The second plant cloning technique that can be considered is to reduce stress levels with B1 Vitamin supplements to help decrease the compounding stress a stem is exposed to. Carbohydrate supplements are also suggested to help increase stem root growth by supplying the plant with additional energy for re-growth.

Nutri-Plus Root Plus Product Line
Available in 2 oz, 4 oz, or 8 oz

Whether you’re an experienced grower or just a hobbyist, using Root Plus can really enhance the cloning process in Hydroponic garden systems. This root gel is available in convenient containers and is readily available for immediate use. Nutri-Plus Root Plus works just as well as any other clone gel on the market and it’s a couple bucks cheaper than most other cloning gels without sacrificing quality of product. We’ve used it and it works just as well as the other big name brands. We’d recommend Root Plus for anyone about to start the cloning process.

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bud plus header 2

Bud Plus is the Perfect Additive for Huge Yields!

In Eastern Canada and all over North America, knowledgeable and experienced growers are using Nutri Plus Bud Plus as a powerful hydroponic bloom booster to get the most out of their plants during flowering. Manufactured by Floracorp in Canada, Bud Plus is the primary mid-bloom additive in the Nutri Plus lineup of premium hydroponic plant nutrients and supplements.

Nutri Plus Bud Plus Powder Product LineBud Plus Powder and Bud Plus Liquid are easy to use to enhance your garden yield!

This unique mid-bloom enhancer for hydroponic gardening enables your plants to achieve extraordinary yields generated by specific chemical triggers in the flowering stage. For those who are have only a basic knowledge of how to stimulate maximum plant growth in bloom, understanding how Bud+ works can revolutionize your grow strategy and provide significant benefit to the bottom line yield of your indoor garden.

Modified Plant Light Cycles and Plant Nutrition Stimulate Bloom; Bud Plus Optimizes Flowering

In basic indoor gardening, most growers stimulate flowering in plants by changing their light cycles from 18 to a 12 hour schedule. It is also considered basic to modify the plant nutrient program and adjust the NPKs to a formula that supports blooming. New horticulture studies are pointing to the fact that specific chemical reactions are responsible for enabling plants to burst into full bloom; with an impressive 70% to 100% of plant nodes budding and flowering into full bloom. Bud Plus is all about consistently triggering these reactions and optimizing the yield of your indoor garden.

Bud Plus Delivers luxury Amounts of Phosphorus and Potassium to Stimulate Enhanced FloweringNutri Plus Bud Plus Liquid Product Line

According to numerous horticulture studies on hydroponic growing, overwhelmingly conclusive results point to the conclusion that elevated levels of potassium (in the form of: potassium carbonate, potassium sulfate, and potassium phosphate) and phosphorus contribute to enhanced yields when strategically delivered in the early and mid-stages of flowering. By adding a generous serving of 12 ml per gallon of liquid Bud Plus to your plant nutrient solution (throughout 4 weeks of mid-bloom), elevated levels of potassium and phosphorus are made available to your plants. In turn your plants will pack on weight and explode into full bloom with an abundance of thick, clustered buds and blooms that translate into record breaking yields.

Nutri Plus Bud Plus also delivers Magnesium and Amino Acids

Bud Plus contains 7% magnesium, which facilitates the synthesis of amino acids and cell proteins. It is also contains 10% amino acids, which facilitates the assimilation and the migration of phosphorus in the plant, provides a higher content of vitamins A and C, and increase a plants disease and stress resistance to drought or fungal diseases.

Blossom Plus, Bud Plus and Final Drive Yield Extraordinary Results in Flowering

Final Drive Product LineUnsophisticated growers can usually produce an average harvest with reasonable sugar and resin levels by using a basic plant nutrient for vegetative growth and bloom. By working with a complete and well-balanced plant nutrient program like Nutri Plus Grow and Bloom, and then adding premium (potassium and phosphorus rich) bloom boosters like Blossom Plus (for early bloom), Bud Plus (for mid-bloom) and Final Drive (for the perfect finish), a disciplined grower can achieve yields that exceed all expectations.
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nutri-plus bloom enhancing

Nutri-Plus: Produce Maximum Yields with a Supercharged Fertilizer and Bloom Enhancer for Hydroponic Gardening

Nutri-Plus: Produce Maximum Yields with a Supercharged Fertilizer and Bloom Enhancer for Hydroponic Gardeningblossom 250 ml

Hydroponic gardening is advancing with new techniques and products to improve plant health, growth, and flowering. When looking to create a maximum harvest from your hydroponic plants, it is important to use a fertilizer program that will suit the types of plants that are grown. This program can help to increase flowering, resulting in an increase in plant production and overall profit.

Bud Plus Liquid Product LineNutri-Plus Bloom Enhancers Increase Flowering Sites per Stem on Your Hydroponic Plants

Scientists recommend a balanced fertilizer program like Nutri-Plus with rich bloom enhancers (Blossom Plus, Bud Plus and Final Drive) consisting of an abundance of potassium phosphate, potassium carbonate, potassium sulfate, and co-factors to trigger a better flowering response per stem on hydroponic plants. Blossom Plus, Bud Plus and Final Drive are recommended for use in early bloom, mid-bloom and in the final weeks of bloom to achieve an extraordinary harvest. Depending on the hydroponic system and the crop, your indoor garden could deliver an increase of up to 70% or more.

Promote Vigorous Flowering with Nutri-Plus Bud Plus

Nuti-Plus Bud Plus is a specially formulated mid-bloom plant stimulant that is designed to help increase and promote flowering in indoor gardening. This formulated bud stimulator combines the power of three types of potassium and a special blend of bloom-enhancing micro-nutrients which have been found to increase the number and size of flower sites per stem, giving you huge hydroponic harvests. This powerful fertilizer additive, triggers rapid flowering and shorter bloom cycles, resulting in a maximum number of harvests over a siFinal Drive Product Linengle year.

Nutri-Plus: Maximize Flower Production by Creating Reserves in Your Hydroponic Plants

Hydroponic garden plants, and most conventionally grown plants for that matter, are able to store potassium and phosphorus in their tissues and flowers. Their root systems are also able to store extra cytokinin plant hormones which help to boost floral production during the blooming cycle. This additional storing power allows your plants to have extra reserves to draw upon when needed to maximize the amount of floral structures and oil production.

Wblossom plushen Nutri-Plus Bud Plus is used in a hydroponic fertilizer program, it is able to create additional reserves of phosphorus and potassium to feed the production of essential oils and compounds when buds are ripening and swelling; causing increased results and a maximum harvest in a short time frame. To further profit from your crops, bloom phase-specific products such as Blossom Plus Powder, Blossom Plus Liquid and Final Drive can be used along with Nutri-Plus Bud Plus to enhance the growing and flowing.

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Aza Plus Pest Control

Aza Plus Pest Control Nutrient Notes

Aza Plus Pest Control is the strongest liquid Aza (3%) on the market. It is 2.5x stronger and more soluble than AzaMax!

Aza Plus 30 mlAza Plus Pest Control is the safest and most effective way to control grow room problems! When you’re dealing with pest control for an indoor garden, precautionary measures are the most important thing you can do. Take care of a problem before it becomes a problem. What is the easiest way to do this? By using an organic bio-insecticide such as Aza Plus to make sure you control pests in a safe way before they negatively affect your plants. Whether it’s spider mites, thrips, or any of the other problematic grow room pests, Aza Plus is your solution.

What is Aza?

Aza is an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) that offers broad spectrum insecticidal control on over 500 insect species. Aza prevents molting between larval, pupal and nymphal stages and also repels insects in treated areas, reducing insect infestations. Azadirachtin based pesticides are versatile; easily biodegradable, leaving no toxic residues and thereby keeping the environment clean and safe.

Why Aza Plus Pest Control?

There are other popular Aza products on the market, most notably AzaMax and Azatrol. How does Aza Plus stack up against them? Well, let’s take a look (click to enlarge)…

Aza Plus Table

We found the application rates from product labels and instruction booklets and the MSRPs from various online retailers. As you can see, the best value by far is Aza Plus. Even though you get the least amount of actual liquid at 250 ml, it is so concentrated that the value is in the mix ratios. You just get so much more end product with Aza Plus than with any other Aza Product. In hydroponics, you want an effective product that is highly concentrated. Aza Plus is the strongest liquid Aza on the market, which means you get the most value for your money when you purchase Aza Plus. Nobody wants to pay for water, right?

If you use Aza products and are serious about pest control, you should be using Aza Plus because you’re wasting money if you’re not.

aza plusOrganic and Safe

Aza Plus is OMRI Listed, therefore it is determined by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) to be suitable for use in certified organic production. Azadirachtin based pesticides are versatile; easily biodegradable, leaving no toxic residues and thereby keeping the environment clean and safe. Aza Plus is also registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency. When you’re controlling pests, you want to use something that is organic and safe, like Aza Plus.

Highly Effective

The key to using any Aza product is to use it as a preventative before the pests in your grow room become a problem. Sure, you can use it after an infestation with a heavier dose but why wait for a problem to occur when you can simply treat your plants once every week or two? If you use Aza Plus as a preventative maintenance, you will be able to use it at the lightest recommended dosage.

If you have a plant that is contaminated or heavily infested, then you’ll want to use a heavy application rate. I would only use the heavier mix ratio as the first treatment and then reduce the dosage. Aza Plus can be used for foliar and systemic insect control, but in our minds, this products works best as a preventative foliar spray.

Aza Plus Pest Control Additional Benefits…Aza Plus

• No known resistance
• No pest resurgence
• Aza Plus Pest Control is harmless to birds, mammals and beneficial insects such as bees, spiders and butterflies and insect natural enemies like predators and parasitoids
• On par with traditional insecticides and superior in control to other bio rational insecticides. An Integral part Integrated pest management strategy
• Aza Plus Pest Control is more cost effective than other bio-rational products
• Stable under room temperature conditions.
• Compatible with many synthetic pesticides and fungicides.
• Ideal for organic farming. Exhibits growth stimulant and phytotonic effects.
• Non Phytotoxic and no entry restrictions
• Aza Plus Pest Control is a unique, world-wide, patented technology
• Natural and safe to humans, animals and environment
• Aza Plus Pest Control is toxicologically safe
• Produce is free from residues
• Persistence up to three months
• Aza 3% is safe in terms of accidental ingestion as well as skin contact

Get more information about Aza Plus from the manufacturers website here!

If you want the best Aza product for your money, buy 3% Aza Plus. Aza Plus Pest Control is the best way to control pests. It contains better ingredients at higher concentrations. Aza products are pretty similar, so why not buy the one that gives you the best value?

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Carboload vs Carborator: Not All Hydroponic Plant Sugars Are Created Equal

If you’re a sugar junkie like me, you can’t go a couple hours without at least thinking about where that next sugar fix is coming from…will it be a Reese’s Cup from the gas station or a super ultra grande mocha latte from the Starbucks down the road? I am easy to please when it comes to sugary desserts or anything chocolate, but I know that not all sugar is the same. Some sugar comes from fruits, vegetables and grains. These life-giving, essential sugars provide a slow release of energy that keeps us going all day – not just a temporary energy spike for junkies like me. A healthy garden also benefits from sugar. With carbohydrate products like Carborator from Nutri-Plus and Carboload by Advanced Nutrients, plants and beneficial bacteria derive energy that triggers increased plant growth and record breaking harvests.

carboloadCarboload by Advanced Nutrients Established a Demand for Carbohydrates for Plants

In recognizing the huge advantages of complimenting any hydroponic garden fertilization program with sugar boosters, it is no mystery that innovative hydroponic plant nutrient manufacturers offer carbohydrate products for plants in their lines. One of the most widely recognized, classic carb products for plants, Carboload, comes from the very controversial plant nutrient manufacturer: Advanced Nutrients. This product earned lots of respect from the indoor gardening community, established the demand for carb products for plants and set a benchmark in quality. Despite the steep pricing and crazy marketing of Carboload, cutting edge growers were made aware that plant additives with high quality simple and complex carbohydrates could promote the development of beneficial bacteria and push plant growth to new levels.

Carborator by Nutri-Plus sets a new Benchmark in Sugar for Hydroponic Gardensnutri plus carborator product line

Building on the knowledge and success achieved by Carboload and other carbohydrates for hydroponic plants, the agronomists and chemists at Nutri-Plus developed a new benchmark in high quality carbohydrates for plants. Nutri-Plus Carborator is a high powered energy source for plants and microbiology that brings together a superior blend of monosaccharide sugars to improve plant health and quality while increasing crop yield. By combining the highest grade of glucose, maltose and xylose, the team at Nutri-Plus produced a plant growth additive that uniquely benefits plants during all stages of growth.

Nutri-Plus Carborator has the Highest Percentage of Xylose then Carboload

All plants benefit from carbohydrate supplements, but not all sugar supplements generate equal results. Nutri-Plus Carborator is not a byproduct of cane sugar or molasses. It is uniquely high in Xylose; a rare, expensive and powerful wood sugar, known to encourage growth of plant tissues. Because of its unique chemical composition and origin, the Xylose in Carborator is ideal for building up plant energy reserves throughout the entire growth and bloom cycles while delivering critical energy boosts in late bloom; when plant carb production has stopped and plants rely exclusively on carbohydrate reserves.

The verdict is in…if you want to save money and get even better results compared to a big name brand, you can’t go wrong with Nutri-Plus Carborator. Looking at the ingredients and price alone should make it worth a purchase, so we recommend you give it a try in your next cycle.

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Nutri-Plus Part II

The Nutri-Plus Hydroponic Plant Nutrient Program Yields Results that Exceed Expectations – Part II

After succeeding with the essentials of the Nutri-Plus plant nutrient program (Grow AB, Bloom AB and Thrive), indoor gardening enthusiasts can push their plants and their beliefs to the limit by introducing a variety of magical foliar additives, powerful bloom-boosters and other essential plant growth supplements that exceed all expectations.

Nutri Plus Start 1 LPropagation with Nutri-Plus includes Root Plus Rooting Gel and Nutri-Plus Start

In propagation and the first week of growth Nutri-Plus Start (1-3-1 with hormones) delivers the powerful kick start every solid plant nutrition program requires. Start is versatile additive that can be used to condition propagation media as well as a core plant nutrient for young cuttings in the first week of growth. Root Plus rooting gel was created specifically for the propagation of cuttings. This gel includes a delicate balance of growth hormones, B1 vitamins, amino acids and an organic antiseptic; these elements secure effective healing of the stem while supplying all essential nutrients and hormones for accelerated root development.

Fusion of Organic Acids and Mineral Nutrients in Nutri-Plus Black and GoldNutri Plus Pure Black 500 ml

Throughout the first six weeks of plant development, Nutri-Plus Black provides a base of organic acids and minerals that optimize nutrient assimilation while vitalizing the root zone and fortifying the plant’s immune system. During flowering Nutri-Plus Gold (0-2-1) accelerates nutrient translocation and absorption while providing a variety of trace elements and antioxidants that optimize sugar production in a foliar mist. As a huge innovation the team at Biofloral (Exclusive North American distributors of Nutri-Plus) reports that they are about to introduce a pair of game-changing new products: Pure Black and Pure Gold. These Nutri-Plus products are said to contain the highest percentage (almost 100 times greater than the nearest comparable) of the highest grade Humic and Fulvic acids available in indoor gardening today. Pure Black and Pure Gold are sure to set a new standard in organic acid plant supplements – to use with any plant nutrient program.

Nutri-plus CM Plus 1 LNutri-Plus Foliar Supplements are Ideal Complements to a well-balanced Plant Nutrient Program

Nutri-Plus‘s unrivaled line-up of foliar plant supplements set a benchmark in hydroponic plant nutrient programs and provide immediate impact on your plants health and vitality – without affecting conductivity and pH levels in the res. For the first two weeks of development, complementing your plants nutrient program with a generous foliar dose of Nutri-Plus Green (1-1-1) will prevent early yellowing of leaves while providing young cuttings with a healthy broad-base mineral supplement that is easily absorbed by the leaves. For use at any stage of development, Nutri-Plus CM Plus (3-0-0) stands alone as a specialized foliar calcium and magnesium plant supplement. Most experienced growers understand and never underestimate the importance of calcium and magnesium as part of any complete plant development program. Many programs offer calcium and magnesium supplements, but few offer such a clean, and highly dissolved cal-mag supplement that can be used as a foliar spray and will be quickly absorbed by your plants.

Nutri-Plus is a favorite of ours at Web Hydroponics and we’re happy to share the many benefits of this great line. Try it today!

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Induced Flowering with 36 Hours of Darkness and Blossom-Plus, Bud-Plus and Final Drive

It is a matter of fact that plants go through massive hormonal and obvious physical changes when they transition from the vegetative growth stage to flowering. In nature this transition is slow and smooth as daylight hours fade with minimal daily changes throughout an entire season. For indoor hydroponic gardeners it is always exciting – in a god-like way- when powerful HID grow-lights are shut down, light-hours are cut from 18 to 12 and plants are forced to transition from veg to flower in a week. Taking this time-saving strategy one step further, expert hydroponic gardeners have a highly effective method of triggering this hormonal change in 36 hours – 36-hours-of-darkness.

It is documented that induced flowering will occur by completely shutting down all indoor garden lighting for 36 hours (between veg and bloom). By turning off the grow-lights for a full 36 hours and generating a completely unnatural period of darkness, two things happen to plants: 1) they have more than enough time to completely transfer and assimilate all light energy that was accumulated and stored throughout the period of light and 2) plants experience intense stress when they run out of stored energy to transfer and from withdrawal of light. A combination of these two factors jump-starts flowering and fast-tracks the transition from growth to bloom.

Nutri-Plus Blossom Plus Powder 300 gBlossom-Plus is the ultimate Early Bloom Activator to use after 36-Hours-of-Darkness

In order to help growers fully capitalize on the 36-hours-of-darkness short-cut, the experts at Nutri-Plus prepared a unique and powerful early bloom activator known as Blossom-Plus (0-39-25). This early bloom enhancer has the ideal balance of minerals that a plant requires as it begins to bloom – regardless of the fertilizer program. The high concentration of phosphorous, potassium and quickly assimilated special bloom activators in Blossom-Plus stimulate flowering for denser, heavier and richer flowers and fruits.Nutri-Plus Bud Plus 10 Liters

Bud-Plus by Nutri-Plus Delivers Immediate and Impressive Results for your Plants in Mid-Bloom

As the veg-bloom transition phase is accelerated, experienced growers and hydroponic plant nutrition specialists know that plants activity and energy requirements are radically changed. For enhanced flowering in mid-bloom, the experts at Nutri-Plus designed Bud-Plus (0-15-40) to provide a super-dose of high-quality potassium as well as phosphorous and wide range of micronutrients that generate intense flowering and increased sugar levels. Bud-Plus is available as a liquid or powder.

Final Drive by Nutri-Plus is the ultimate Bloom Finisher to use after 36-Hours-of-Darkness

Final Drive 1 LFor growers who are eager to achieve the greatest yields and the highest quality crops in the shortest time, the 36-hours-of-darkness trick – in conjunction with high grade hydroponic plant nutrients and supplements including Blossom-Plus and Bud-Plus will be enough to deliver an impressive harvest. But, no job is complete without a good finisher and no harvest finisher is as complete as Final Drive by Nutri-Plus. To be used in the last few weeks of flowering Final Drive is in a class by itself as the most effective bloom enhancer for the final phase of flowering.

If you read this blog, you know we love Nutri-Plus. They’ve been around for decades and they’ve continually made products that work well at a great price. Blossom-Plus, Bud-Plus and Final Drive are in our minds, as good as any other bloom enhancers out there. Sure, everyone has their favorite nutrient line and will say it’s better than all the others, but, we’ve grown with all of them, and we’ve stuck with Nutri-Plus as our go-to line. Take it for what it’s worth, but Nutri-Plus is definitely worth a try for your next grow.

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